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Mapleton Junior High Fundraises for Primary Children’s

Submitted by lana.hiskey on Mon, 12/22/2014 - 4:03pm
Reagan Sweat

Every year, Mapleton Junior High gets in the spirit of Christmas by having a school-
wide fundraiser. And this time around, they decided to make the fundraiser extra-special by 
raising money to help kids their own age. Their fundraiser: Gift baskets for the patients at 
Primary Children's medical hospital.

"I liked being able to connect with the kids, and really know who they are" said 
student Solly Kimball. The Mapleton Junior High students had the opportunity to learn each 
patient’s favorite color, hobby, superhero, and other interests through posters plastered 
throughout the school, and a video in the commons area. Each day while walking from class 
to class, Mapleton Jr. High students would read the interests of each patient, getting to 
know them.

"It only takes a dollar per person to brighten a child's Christmas." said Bailey 
Morgan, a student who donated. She was right. The schools goal to earn was 2,400 dollars, 
just double the school’s student body count.

And once students knew who they were donating for, money started to trickle in…
A school wide donation ensued, and went on for two weeks.  Both teachers and 
Students donated. Classes competed against each other to raise enough money for parties, 
prizes, and the yearly Dare Assembly.  The Dare Assembly is an exciting event that the 
students are rewarded with if they make their money goal for the fundraiser. It’s filled with 
pie throwing, atrocious makeovers, waxing teacher’s legs, and the works. 

 Mrs. Rowley, a teacher and student government advisor was expressed love for 
these yearly fundraisers.  “It’s [the fundraiser] a great opportunity to get the students 
involved in something positive and worthwhile. They’re able to be part of the success.” 
After a quick two weeks of donations and prize slips, the fundraiser came to a halt. A 
flood of donations came at the end. The students were desperate to reach their goal-and 
then some. They earned a total of 3,907 dollars, and one cent.  That’s $1,507.01 dollars 
over their initial goal. The Student Government at MJHS was in charge of the fundraising 
efforts, and they made sure to count every last penny donated. 
With all the money that the students lovingly donated, The Student Government 
went out and bought the Christmas gift baskets full of toys for the 25 patients at Primary 
Children's. They made sure to put in toys that they knew each individual patient would like, 
and took their time making sure every basket was perfect. They even had enough money to 
buy extra gifts; wrapped presents not for their specific kids at Primary Children's, but for 
anyone else that is in the hospital during the holidays.

"I'm really proud of all the work we have done and all of the success that has 
happened with the Dare Assembly" Said Mrs. Rowley, the teacher in charge of the 
fundraiser event, ‘It is extremely rewarding to work with such a great group of

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