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Nebo Excels in Utah County Math Contest

Submitted by lana.hiskey on Tue, 11/04/2014 - 4:52pm
Lana Hiskey

Nebo Excels in Utah County Math Contest

Nebo School District had eight schools place in the top ten of the Utah County Math contest. Coming in first place is Aktin’s class from Spring Lake Elementary. Nebo had nine placers out of the top ten students. Excellent work.

Overall class scores are the average number of correct answers out of the students in that class. At least 10 students from the class must have played in order to get an average score.

Top 10 Classes are listed by teacher name, elementary school, and class score.
1st Place: Atkin, Spring Lake Elementary, 623
2nd Place: Lai, Spring Lake Elementary, 303
3rd     Place: Mueller, Saratoga Shores, 289
4th     Place: Taylor, Spring Lake Elementary, 289
5th     Place: Bushman, Foothills Elementary, 175
6th     Place: Petro, Foothills Elementary, 164
7th     Place: Mr. Price 4th, Timpanogos Elementary, 156
8th     Place: Ewell, Spring Lake Elementary, 155
9th     Place: Shaw, Spring Lake Elementary, 147
10th    Place: Ray, Spring Lake Elementary, 147

Top 10 students based on the number of questions answered correctly in the contest so far.

Top 10 students: first name, teacher, school, and student score.
1st Place:     Ben P.,         Mueller, Saratoga Shores, 911
2nd     Place: Tanner R.,    Bushman, Foothills Elementary, 909
3rd     Place: David B.,      Stephens, Spring Lake Elementary, 897
4th     Place: Joshua P.,    Atkin, Spring Lake Elementary, 890
5th     Place: Weston K.,   Ewell, Spring Lake Elementary, 889
6th     Place: Kaden K.,     Petro, Foothills Elementary, 882
7th     Place: Brandon L.,   Grant, Art City Elementary, 879
8th     Place: Ethan L.,      Atkin, Spring Lake Elementary, 879
9th     Place: Logan B.,      Bushman, Foothills Elementary, 875
10th    Place: Seth L.,        Lai, Spring Lake Elementary, 875

Daily Winners: date, teacher, school, and class score.

October 30,  Russell, Foothills Elementary, 109.0
October 29,  Shaw, Spring Lake Elementary, 123.0
October 28,  Mr. Price 4th, Timpanogos Elementary, 125.0
October 27,  Atkin, Spring Lake Elementary, 175.0
October 24,  Mueller, Saratoga Shores, 79.0


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