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MMHS Science Olympiad Wins Second at State - Answer to Wednesday's Challenge

Submitted by lana.hiskey on Thu, 04/17/2014 - 5:42pm

The MMHS Science Olympiad team took Second Place at state! MMHS Science Olympiad team proved themselves, yet again, with an impressive Second Place performance at the University of Utah state competition.  MMHS competed alongside 30 other high schools from all across the state, getting edged out by only 8 points to the Utah County Science Club magnet school. Of the 25 different events, ranging from anatomy and entomology to astronomy and maglev, the Golden Eagles took home medals in 50 percent of their events. Congratulations! The individual winners included:

Rachel Bybee & Tanner Henry, First Place Anatomy and Physiology
Rachel Bybee & Rebecca Bair, First Place Designer Genes
John Baadsgaard & Tyler Mortensen, First Place Entomology
Sam Dallon, First Place Astronomy
John Baadsgaard & Anya Nielson, First Place Rocks and Minerals
Robert Nay & Scott Griffin, First Place Maglev
Sam Dallon, Second Place Dynamic Planet
Sam Dallon & Tyler Mortensen, Second Place Materials Science
Rachel Bybee & Tanner Henry, Third Place Disease Detectives
Robert Nay & Rebecca Bair, Third Place Forensics
John Baadsgaard & Jon Smith, Third Place Boomilever
John Baadsgaard, Third Place Geologic Mapping
Kyle Miller - Outstanding Coach

Congratulations to Scott Griffin for winning this week's challenge.

Photo: Left State Science Adviser Dr. Carol George, Far right Holly Menino of KUTV2News