Lana Hiskey

Cherry Creek Presents to Nebo School Board of Education

Cherry Creek Elementary students presented to the Nebo School Board of Education. This year Cherry Creek started an after school dance club.  This club is wildly popular and is run by fifth-grade teacher, Chalyce Peck. A few students from the dance club was asked to perform a dance for the School Board.  The students did a remarkable job, dancing to the song "Heart skips a beat."

Following the dance, School Community Council Vice Chair, Emily Bachmann, reported on Cherry Creek TrustLand's plan.  The majority of the funds are going to instructional technicians.  These technicians tutor struggling students, operate the take-home library, assist teachers and run the Waterford computer lab.  TrustLand’s funds also support a homework lab, summer school and technology for classrooms.

Last but not least, four students from the gifted and talented program challenged the School Board with some riddles and puzzles.  The students also shared activities provided through the enrichment program, which is organized and ran by Betsy Ferguson, school facilitator.

Overall, Cherry Creek students did an amazing job!