Lana Hiskey

PEAK Award November 2013

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Veronica Solorzano, ESL Technician Mt. Nebo Junior
Nominated by: Principal Kaye Isakson & Alice Wilson
“Veronica supervises our Latinos in Action (LIA) program. At parent-teacher conference, she provided a place where children could be watched by the LIA students while their parents visited with the teachers. Our school hosted a Latino night for our parents where she translated and assisted throughout the presentation. Veronica is always friendly and caring. She shows exceptional service as she translates for parents and takes time to ask how they are doing. Veronica has a calming effect with students or parents who are upset. By the end of the conversation, all conflict has been resolved. Veronica excels in leadership of students, parents, and administrators. She is essential and much appreciated at MNJHS. She is competent, caring, and professional. There is no one better for a Nebo PEAK Award.”

Kathy Carling, Secretary Nebo School District
Nominated by District Office Staff
“Kathy is amazing.  Her workload is quite varied, but she does it well because she is so on-the-ball.  She is organized.  Kathy completes so many different tasks efficiently. When others go into the operations department, Kathy is so kind and happy. Employees like Kathy are the reason others have a positive experience when visiting the Nebo District offices.”

Lisa Pruitt, Secretary Mt. Loafer Elementary
Nominated by: Principal Angie Killian, Cindy Sanders, Paul Bradley, & Susie Perrett
“Lisa goes way beyond her duties as a secretary by always being cheerful and supportive. Lisa has made a huge difference in our school these past few years! Her attitude has been infectious, and it has helped all of us to be just a little kinder to everyone! Lisa always has a smile on her face. She will drop whatever it is she's doing (which is always something) to help anyone needing assistance. She orders supplies at a moment's notice, fixes a child's hurt, soothes a crying student, and makes sure the office is always a wonderful place to be. Lisa has become the best friend of many parents, students and teachers.”

Richard Kimball, Counselor Diamond Fork Junior
Nominated by: Counseling Department
“Richard is amazingly kind, courteous, and respectful to everyone. He is dedicated to serving students and their families.  He works hard to make sure each student has success.  Richard’s sweet disposition makes everyone feel comfortable and welcome.  He takes great care in managing students' needs. He is optimistic even when under great adversity.  His positive energy and kindness rub off on those around him. He makes us all want to be better. Richard is one of the most courageous people. He perseveres to accomplish his goals, the goals of his school, and the goals of Nebo School District. Richard is such a terrific example of what a Nebo School District employee should strive to become.”

Drew Weech, ELL Teacher Springville High
Nominated by: Principal Mike Brown
“Drew's Latinos in Action class and club is doing amazing things for the school and community. The members of his Latinos in Action club are great ambassadors from Springville High to the Latino community. Drew is also helping these kids to embrace education as a door to their future!”

Gary Gibson, Custodian Orchard Hills Elementary
Nominated by: Kim Andrews
“Gary always goes the extra mile. He exudes kindness and caring wherever he goes. He's always positive and has a good word to say about people and a smile to share. Gary has even spent extra time to make sure he does a great job cleaning my room. He's nice to my students and encourages them to do their best. Gary is someone that always does his best and tries to do whatever he can to help! It's always pleasant to see him and he makes my job easier to work at my wonderful school!”