Lana Hiskey

UEA Names 2013 Top Educators – Jim Griffin from Nebo School District.

Jim Griffin is a Political science, American history and psychology teacher at Salem Hills High School in Nebo School District.

For the past 29 years, Jim Griffin has taken up to 25 students to Washington DC to study for a week with the Close Up program. Each year he registers many 18-year-old students to vote. He takes students on regular field trips to the Utah State Capitol. A fellow faculty member said Griffin “believes learning is a life-long process. He believes in the political process and the importance of citizen involvement. He is committed to youth and their education.”

“I remember having days when I didn’t have a friend in the world, but I always knew I could go chat with Mr. Griffin,” wrote a former student. “He taught me to never give up, to reach for my goals and to be successful. He not only has a love and passion for teaching American history, but he has a love and adoration for his students. He wants his students to be successful and dare to do great things in life. By simply going to work each day, he changes and impacts his students’ lives.”

Congratulations Jim on a job well done!