Answer to Wednesday's Challenge 8/28/13

Adam Call is one of 300 national semifinalists in the Broadcom MASTERS Science and Engineering Competition.

Adam's science research started while he attended Barnett Elementary after he read the book "Outliers: The Story of Success" by Malcolm Gladwell. Adam and Jordan Mathews, a friend began examining the correlation between students red-shirting their kindergarten year and the students' test scores in third through sixth grades. The two hypothesized that it would be beneficial for summer-born students to wait a year before beginning kindergarten.

Adam said that the red-shirted, or July and August birthdays, did three percent better than the younger summer-born students in their grade. They found that on average, the red-shirted students outperformed every other age group in every subject. He was surprised at the results.

At the fair, Call and Mathews took first place for their project. The top 10 percent of the winners were invited to participate in the Broadcom MASTERS. The students will compete as individuals in a competition that introduces them to independent research, scientific inquiry and the engineering process.

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