Lana Hiskey

The Utah Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association bestowed one of the highest honors on Spanish Fork High’s Athletic Director, Doug Snell, the last week of April 2013. They awarded Coach Snell the Meritorious Service Award.
Now in his 30th year in interscholastic athletics, Doug began his career as a football and wrestling coach at Kearns High School. He then moved to St. George where he helped coach football, wrestling, and baseball at Dixie High. Two years later, Doug was extremely happy get the job as head football coach at Spanish Fork High.

Doug grew up in Spanish Fork where he participated and excelled in just about every sport. Doug was named the schools Outstanding Athlete his senior year and accepted a scholarship to play football for Lee Bunnell at Dixie J.C. He then played for Jack Bishop at SUU in Cedar City. Doug was awarded the Most Inspirational football player at both schools. He received All-Conference honors all four years and was awarded All-American status as a senior nose guard at Southern Utah. In 2008-2009, Doug was awarded Athletic Director of the Year by the UIAAA and NASPE. He was inducted into the SUU Coaching Factory Hall of Fame the following year.  

During his time at Kearns High School, Doug met and married the only woman who could put up with him, Dawn Sinnott. With that union came four wonderful children -- Blaire, Brooke, Samantha, Kyle, and Gus – then his special granddaughter, Bubba! 

Doug has been the athletic Spanish Fork High School for 16 years. He likes to “sweat the small stuff” by helping coaches with the trivial, time-consuming duties and allow the coaches time to coach and help kids.                              

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