Lana Hiskey

Riverview Elementary delighted the Nebo School Board of Education on March 13. Principal Lisa Muirbrook started the evening and said, “Riverview is an amazing place. We are excited to have the opportunity to showcase some of the wonderful things happening.  Mrs. Galt's second grade class has prepared a Reader's Theater, along with a class Big Book and scenery of The Statue of Liberty.”

“The students learned how to do some research about the Statue of Liberty.  While working in groups, they compiled the information they learned into a class big book.  All students participated in a Reader's Theater group.  A parent came and shared his talent as a professional videographer and taped the student's performances.  He will edit the film and present each student with a DVD, said Mrs. Galt, second grade teacher.

Jessica Thatcher from Riverview’s School Community Council presented about Riverview’s Trustlands. She thanked the School Board and Nebo School District for working so hard to provide teacher computers.  Ms. Thatcher said, “Because of this recent decision, Riverview has been able to provide more services for students.  We are thrilled and wanted the Board to know that this decision has already had an impact on our students. The Trustland funds were used for classroom technicians who work with small groups and individual students to help meet their needs.”

Whitney Perman, from Riverview’s PTA, shared some information about Riverview’s White Ribbon Week that was designed around Internet Safety. The students could earn prize tickets for doing 10 different items such as discussing with parents 15 Internet tips, wear your white wristband all week long, or write an essay on Internet Safety to name a few. Riverview concluded White Ribbon Week with a community night to learn about how to fight the dangers found on the Internet to keep our children safe.