Amber Hall, physical education department chair at Maple Mountain High, was named the Utah High School Physical Education Teacher of the Year 2012 by the Utah Association for Health Physical Education Recreation and Dance (UAHPERD).

Amber was hired at Maple Mountain High School on the condition that she develop a fitness-based physical education program.  Through her leadership, Maple Mountain now has a completely fitness-based physical education program.  It includes courses such as CrossFit, Zumba, Pilates, Aerobics, Kickboxing and other lifetime activities. 

Amber and her staff are always looking for new activities that engage students and elevate fitness levels. Amber Hall has received numerous awards and has been a presenter at UAHPERD and AAHPERD’s Southwest District conferences.  Her work was recently published with co-author Carol Wilkinson in Stategies magazine. She believes passion and excitement for the health of students is what creates success, and that the process of physical activity and not the end product is what is most important. 

John Allan, Nebo District, said, “Amber Hall was chosen to be a team leader for the development of the philosophy of physical education at a new high school, Maple Mountain High. This is quite a progressive school and at the forefront of Nebo District  when it comes to the “new” role of physical education.  Maple Mountain High adopted a student friendly, lifetime health model.  Students are participating in fun activities like kick boxing, Crossfit training, and aerobics.  Gone are the days of the “coach” rolling out the balls.   Amber is the leader and great example in that movement.  Her energy is contagious with her classes. I am impressed at the mutual respect and friendship both have for each other. Amber is a high quality, high energy champion of students and healthy and active lifestyles.”

While in college, Amber suffered injuries that prevented her from participating in physical activity for a period of time. Not being able to participate in vigorous team sports, Amber developed a passion for fitness-based activities such as Pilates, yoga, and aerobics.  This period of time was instrumental in developing her philosophy of teaching fitness in schools.

Amber Hall is from Ammon, Idaho. In high school she was involved in team sports and music.  She graduated from Brigham Young University and has been teaching for four years.  She is currently the Physical Education Chairperson at Maple Mountain High School and is a member of both AAHPERD and UAHPERD.  Amber is currently working on her Master’s degree.

Congratulations, Amber! “Let it Shine!”