Lana Hiskey

Nebo School District retires 47 employees in 2011 that included 1,234.5 years of service. Twenty-five of those retirees are certified teachers including 726 years of service, and twenty-two retirees are classified employees with 508.5 years of service.

Certified Retirees

Melanie Anderson

Melanie N. Andersen, Family and Consumer Science (FACS) and English teacher at Landmark High, is retiring after 31 years.

Melanie replied, “Being a member of the Landmark family for the past 30 years has filled my life with joy, love, some sorrows, fun and friendships that will endure throughout the years.  My students, past and present, will always hold a very special place in my heart.  If you look for the good in someone you will be able to find it.  Teaching gives you the opportunity to search for that hidden treasure in the mind of each student and strike it rich when you discover that hidden gold.  I will forever be grateful that I chose to be a teacher and that Landmark High School adopted me into their school/family.  I love you all!”

Melanie has been awarded the Thank a Teacher Award, Crystal Apple Award, Teacher of the Year for Landmark High School and nominated for the Huntsman Award.  Melanie’s husband, Wayne, is the Mayor of Spanish Fork – Melanie is the First Lady.  She served on the Miss Spanish Fork Committee and served as 4-H leader of Leland.  She enjoys sewing, camping, stock shows, shopping, 4-H Club and time with family.  She and Wayne reside in Spanish Fork and have 6 children and 14 grandchildren.


Jeff Bell

Jeff Bell, Career, Technology, and Education (CTE) teacher at Springville High, is retiring after 25.5 years.

Jeff stated, “A man sitting on a mountain top did not fall there.  Richard Dollinger and Ray Newbury made me feel welcome my first week at Springville High and continued to give support through my tenure at Springville High. Thank you to Denis Poulson for hiring me back in 1985.”

Jeff enjoys photography, ATVs, camping and grandchildren.  He has taught photography during night school for Springville City.  He and his wife, Janae, have many plans for their future that include time with their children, grandchildren, traveling, road trips, camping, trail riding ATVs, geocaching, church service with a mission or two plus enjoying our time together.  Jeff and Janae reside in Springville and have four children.


Barbara Blotter

Barbara Blotter, Coordinator of Student Services, is retiring after 24.5 years.

Barbara replied, “The adage, ‘Do what you love and love what you do,’ aptly describes my career with Nebo School District.  It has been a wonderful experience working with the high caliber of people who exemplify the characteristics of professionalism and integrity.  I will ever be grateful for my association with them and the impact they have had on my life.”

Barbara enjoys family activities, traveling, horses, 4-wheeling, camping, boating, gardening, musicals, theater, family and history.  She is involved in religious service including Cub Scouts.  She is married to Larry.  They reside in Payson.  She has 9 children plus 5 step-children.  Together they have 40 grandchildren.

Sue Creer

Sue Creer, second-grade teacher at Rees Elementary, is retiring after 26 years of service.

Sue responded, “Smile.  The people at Rees have been my family for 26 years.  I love and admire them.  Brenda, Chris, Jeff, Tim and Mr. Mecham have enriched my life from the beginning.  Thank you everyone for all the good times.”

Sue has been awarded the Crystal Apple award.  She enjoys reading and drawing.  She lives in Springville and has two children.

MaryLou Flinders

Mary Lou Flinders, special education teacher at Spanish Fork Junior High, is retiring after 21 years of service.

Mary Lou said, “We all are a work in progress that with encouragement and direction will excel to our greatest potential.  It has been great spending my life working in a job that I loved and woke up every day excited to do.  There is nothing more rewarding than knowing that every day you are making a difference in someone’s life.  Thank you to all colleagues, parents and students who made these years successful for me.”

Mary Lou has been awarded the Excellence in Service award and the Rosa Parks National Campaign Wall of Tolerance Award.  She enjoys being  a spectator of high school baseball and football, sharing time with family and friends, camping, traveling, gardening and service for those in need.  She is involved in SOS, Neighborhood Emergency Response Committee, Child Advocate with Heritage Youth Services, Family Group Counseling, Indian Ridge Water Conservancy District Ad hoc board member (Indianola), Indian Ridge Property Owners Association ad hoc board member, Indian Ridge Architectural Committee member.  She is married to Larry.  They reside in Spanish Fork and have two children.

Mary Anne Hillier

Mary Anne Hillier, English teacher at Spanish Fork High, is retiring after 27 years of service.

Mary Anne replied, “It has been an exciting journey working with wonderful people.  I am looking forward to the next adventure.”

Mary Anne is married to Richard.  They reside in Salt Lake City and have three children.

Starr Jeppson

Starr Jeppson, Family and Consumer Science (FACS) teacher at Springville High, is retiring after 17 years of service.

Starr enjoys family, reading and cross-stitching.  She is involved in the Springville City ASAP/Youth Involvement.   She is married to Lee.  They reside in Springville and have five children.

Richard Kay

Dr. Richard S. Kay, Principal at Oakridge School, is retiring after 15 years of service.

Dr. Kay said, “Their Best is YET Within Them. (The title of my book on character development and personal responsibility).  He was former president of the Utah Association of Secondary School Principals.  He enjoys oil painting and writing.  He is involved in the Utah School for the Blind and Visually Impaired Transition Task Force and worked with the Opportunities Foundation of America.  He resides in Orem and has four children.

Craig Larsen

R. Craig Larsen, library media teacher at Mapleton Junior High, is retiring after 33 years of service.

R. Craig replied, “Always have a plan ‘B’.”

R. Craig has been awarded the Springville Middle School Teacher of the Year.  He enjoys bike riding, computers and traveling.  He is married to Frances.  They reside in Spanish Fork and have three children.

Cecil Loftin

Cecil Loftin, Supervisor at Cornerstone, is retiring after 31 years of service.

“To develop a student who would possess the knowledge, skills and personal characteristics necessary to live a productive life,” stated Cecil. “I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Nebo School District and all of my colleagues for the help and support they have given me throughout my employment with the district.  It has been 31 wonderful years for me and my family.  We moved to Utah in 1980 from Texas with our three children looking for a new beginning.  My wife and I were employed by the district after five days of our arrival, and we have never looked back.  We have enjoyed all of our teaching and administrative responsibilities while working and living in this great school district and community.  We will miss and cherish the many lasting relationships that we have made while working for Nebo.  We are content in feeling that we are not gone but just on another assignment.

“I would also like to give a special thanks to all of the Cornerstone staff that has helped me over the years develop a program that has served a unique population in the district.  The Cornerstone motto is ‘To develop a student who would possess the knowledge, skills and personal characteristics necessary to live a productive life.’  I understand that this is a difficult road, at times, but always stay the course.  The students and I salute you for all of the respect and courage that you gave us over the years to help make our dreams come true.  Thanks again for many wonderful years.”

Cecil was awarded the 1999 State of Utah Outstanding Educator and the 2002 Outstanding Educator for Youth in Custody.  He enjoys family, church and golf.  He is married to Patricia.  They reside in Salem and have three children.

Mary Sue Mills

Mary Sue Mills, third-grade teacher at Art City Elementary, is retiring after 31 of service.

Mary Sue replied, “Throughout the years I have always had two mottos posted in my room.  I have tried to instill these values in my students:   ‘Number One – Hard is Good. Number Two – YAGOTTAWANNA’, (which means you have to want to be successful before you can be successful).

Mary Sue is married to Jeff.  They reside in Springville and have five children and six grandchildren.

Cheryl Mitchell

Cheryl Wood-Mitchell, fourth-grade teacher at East Meadows, is retiring after 29 years of service.

Cheryl said, “On Facebook, Chad Hymas made this statement which I believe is a great motto to live by.  It is, ‘When we wake up in the morning, we have two choices.  Go back to sleep and dream, or wake up and chase those dreams.  The choice is ours……’  A person that made a great impact on my life was my dear neighbor, Carol Hallam.  She probably had the greatest influence on me in becoming a teacher.  Her life and example steered me in the right direction for a life full of memories with children. The memories have and will fill my heart for many, many years.

“I am always excited to see the sparkle in a student’s eye when they realize and understand the concept that is being taught. But my greatest moments in teaching are when students teach me an idea or thought by saying, ‘This helps me remember by. . .’ It is such a fantastic idea that I regret not knowing it earlier in my career.  But most of all, I want children to understand the importance of honesty, responsibility and love of family and country.  I can’t think of any other profession that would have given me the fulfillment that I have experience in my teaching career.” 

Cheryl has been awarded Teacher of the Year for Larsen Elementary, Crystal Apple Award, Golden Apple Award, and Utah Technology Teacher of the Year for 2004.  She enjoys camping, fishing, hiking, reading, computers and being with family and grandchildren.  She is involved in various church callings.  She is married to Jim Mitchell.  They reside in Spanish Fork and have six children.

Kaye Moos

Kay Moos, Family and Consumer Science (FACS) teacher at Payson High, is retiring after 26 years of service.

Kay replied, “Each of my associates at Payson High has had a large impact on my performance; I have tried to maintain their level of excellence.  I have immensely enjoyed my years of teaching in Nebo District and have particularly enjoyed interacting with the students at Payson High.  Motto?  ‘Onward and Upward. . .’”

Kaye received the Teacher of the Year Award 2011, the Crystal Apple Award and Friend of the Choirs.  She is a board member on the Payson Community Theatre and a board member on the Payson Civic Chorale.  She enjoys costuming, quilting, gardening and 18 wonderful grandchildren.  Kaye is married to Byron.  They reside in Spanish Fork and have seven children.

Al Mosher

Al Mosher, Director of Human Resources, is retiring after 18 years of service.

Al stated, “Do what is best for kids, this is not about my career or anyone else’s career.  We are about students.  I have had a wonderful career and life.  My experiences as a teacher, coach and administrator have been varied and rich.  I appreciate all of the people; students, parents, teachers, classified employees, administrators, board members and all who have made my life and career most rewarding and fulfilling.  My 39 years in public education could not have been better.  My wife and children have been totally supportive of me and the time I spent working for the betterment of children during each part of my career.”

Al enjoys hiking, camping, surfing, family activities and traveling.  He is involved in church service and Rotary Club.  He is married to Marie.  They reside in Springville and have six children.

Ken Nielsen

Ken Nielsen, Assistant Principal at Mt. Nebo Junior High, is retiring after 32 years of service.

Ken responded, “I hope it can be said of me, ‘The world may be a better place because I was important in the life of a child.’”

Ken has been awarded the school level Teacher of the Year at Taylor Elementary and Salem Elementary and received the Provo Freedom Festival Superior School Award in 1998 while he was principal there.  He enjoys athletics, travel, reading and spending time with family.  He has spent 20 plus years as basketball and soccer coach in community recreation and has been involved in many church callings, including bishop.  He is married to Marsha.  They reside in Payson and have 6 children and 11 grandchildren with two more on the way.

Judie Nielson

Judie Nielson, first-grade teacher at Sage Creek Elementary, is retiring after 24 years of service.

Judie replied, “My 24 years teaching career has been successful because of the remarkable people I’ve worked with and the amazing students who have been in my classes.  I am totally convinced that some of the best people on the planet are, in fact, just six years old.  Children’s literature has always been my passion.  It’s my hope that my students will have learned lifelong skills as well as an excitement for learning.”

Judie was awarded Sage Creek Teacher of the year for 2009-2010.  She is married to the former Nebo School District Superintendent, Carl Nielson.  They reside in Mapleton and have four children and six grandchildren.

Marlene Orme

Marlene Orme, third-grade teacher at Art City Elementary, is retiring after 18 years of service.

Marlene stated, “Never Give Up.”

Marlene was married to the late G. Craig Orme.  She resides in Springville.  They have one child.

Weslie Sheldon

Weslie E. Sheldon, math teacher at Mt. Nebo Junior High, is retiring after 28 years of service.

Weslie enjoys sports, plays and music.  He has coached wrestling, football, softball, volleyball and soccer.  He is a retired US Army Reserve Master Sergeant.  He is involved in church positions.  Weslie is married to Carolyn.  They reside in Mapleton and have five children.

Chris Sorensen

Chris Sorensen, Superintendent, is retiring after 31 years of service.

Chris stated, “Enjoy the Ride, and treat all people with respect.”

Chris was awarded the Community Leader of the Year Award and the Utah Superintendent of the Year by the Utah Schools Superintendents Association (USSA).  He enjoys gardening and golf.  He was involved in the Springville City Council and youth coaching.  He is married to Karen.  They reside in Springville and have three children and three grandchildren with one on the way.

David Trevort

David L. Tervort, teacher on special assignment at Diamond Fork Junior High, is retiring after 34 years of service.

David responded, “It’s amazing how good others look when you look for the good in others.  Nothing great was ever accomplished without enthusiasm.”

David has coached two state consolation championship teams and coached several all-star teams.  He was awarded Utah State Physical Education Teacher of the Year in 1999 and Spanish Fork Middle Teacher of the year in 2000.  He enjoys spending time with family, camping, fishing, riding horses, four-wheeling and just doing things together.  He is married to Kathy.  They reside in Elk Ridge and have seven children.

Judy Thomas

Judy Thomas, language arts teacher at Brookside Elementary, is retiring after 20 years of service.

Judy replied, “In twenty years of teaching first and second graders, I am constantly amazed with the ability of children to understand even difficult concepts when they are taught in simple enough terms.  It is important to teach children to be thinkers, people with opinions that are clear and grounded so they can someday be leaders in this world. It has been my pleasure to be part of this process.  I was born and raised in Canada but have lived my adult years in the United States and feel blessed to have a deep love for two great countries.  Jay and I have 20 grandchildren and enjoy them all.  My bucket list is long and growing with each new thought about the freedom of retirement.  Life is good.”

Judy enjoys reading, long distance walking, gardening and keeping family ties strong.  She and Jay reside in Payson and have eight children.

Richard Trimble

Richard R. Trimble, science teacher at Spanish Fork Junior High, is retiring after 30 years of service.

Richard said, “I love to teach and watch students experience success.  I guess if I had a motto it would be that, ‘All students leave my class with a positive experience and science skills that will be used in future classes and life experiences.’  I plan to expand my interests in family history.  I also plan to continue coaching high-level gymnasts helping students earn college scholarships.  I deeply appreciate the support of Kimberly, my students and fellow educators for over 30 years of great experiences.”

Richard was awarded the USAG coach of the year in 1998-1999, the Spanish Fork Junior Teacher of the Year and the Crystal Apple Award.  He enjoys family, coaching top-level Division I gymnasts, sports car racing and classic cars.  He is involved in Boy Scouts of America and supports fundraising for Spanish Fork Community Theater.  He is married to Kimberly.  They reside in Spanish Fork and have four children.

Royal Waddoups

Royal K. Waddoups, English teacher at Springville High, is retiring after 15 years of service.

Royal said, “Who has made a difference:  The great people at Springville High School.”

Royal has been awarded the Springville High School Teacher of the Year in 2009.  He is married to Gloria.  They reside in Springville and have 8 children and 21 grandchildren.

Glenda Wilson

Glenda Wilson, third-grade teacher at Mt. Loafer Elementary, is retiring after 28 years of service.

Glenda replied, “I’m grateful for all of my friends and colleagues in Nebo School District.  I truly love and esteem the good people I have had the opportunity to work with over the years.  My deepest feelings are reserved for the children I have been privileged to teach.  They have blessed my life.  I can’t think of a better way to have spent 30 years!  I have eight beautiful grandchildren, and I am looking forward to spending more time with them.”

Glenda has been awarded the Crystal Apple Award.  She enjoys reading, traveling, gardening, sewing and family activities.  She is married to Stephen.  They reside in Spanish Fork and have five children.