KSL Radio and Zions Bank honored Alisa Morgan, a kindergarten teacher at Art City Elementary School in Springville, for the "Teacher Feature" program this week. This program was developed to recognize outstanding teachers who have gone the extra mile, not only in the classroom, but who have also made a significant impact on many young lives.

Mrs. Morgan is honored with a plaque from Zions Bank, an overnight stay at Anniversary Inn, a gift certificate for dinner at the beautiful La Caille Restaurant, and a pair of season tickets from Hale Centre Theater, West Valley. All winners are invited to attend an end of the year banquet at La Caille in their honor.

Mrs. Morgan was submitted by a student’s mother, Brandy Dial. Her letter read in part,

"Mrs. Morgan is the most fabulous kindergarten teacher! She has 47 students in her care everyday, and she's just like a mother in her knowledge and treatment of each one. She is creative and masterful in her action/reaction to each of them when a problem arises and is organized so it looks effortless.

"She has a fabulously appointed classroom and fun ideas for teaching reading and math to these budding students. She is practical and fun, not mushy and frufru like some kindergarten teachers. She's no nonsense in her management and execution of lessons, which earns her the respect of a tough crowd.

"I've got a pretty crazy kindergartner and on top of that had a baby in the hospital for two months. She is fabulous with my little girl, and we never missed a beat throughout our infant's hospital stay because she stayed aware of what was happening and reassured me that the most important issue was the one I was handling, she would take care of the school stuff. I love Mrs. Morgan and will do everything in my power to insure that my last two children have her as their teacher!"

Congratulations Alisa Morgan and a BIG thank you to all you continue to do

for students at Art City Elementary in Springville!