Lana Hiskey

Principal Alison Hansen introduced the gifted and talented program that included the Brockbank debate team. Ms. Kristel Peterson, advisor for debate, said that out of the eight awards, Brockbank won six at the district debate competition.

Chess is another favorite activity for the students at Brockbank. Ethan Oyler won first place and showed his trophy.

Karolyn Peery introduced four students that displayed their talent in art with some outstanding, artistic pictures.

Thank you so much for sharing some of the incredible programs you are involved with at Brockbank Elementary.


Back Row: Teachers Terry Oyler, Kristel Peterson, Principal Alison Hansen, and Karolyn Peery

Middle Row: Ethan Oyler (Chess Champion), Sam Bryson and Devin Berns (debate), Jordan Gabbitas and Jayden Gabbitas (art)

Front Row: Natalie Noorda (debate), Laynee Giles and Camille Brown (art), Cassady Gappmayer (debate)

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