Courtney Corbin

Congratulations to Taylor Elementary School for donating 4,448 letters to the Macy's Believe: Make-A-Wish program this month! Students at the school worked hard in their classes writing letters to Santa asking what they wanted for Christmas or telling why they believe in the Christmas season. Along with Taylor School, these letters were featured on ABC 4's "Good Things Utah" on Friday December 10, 2010, showcasing the involvement Taylor Elementary has in the Make-A-WIsh foundation.

For years, Janna Manookin has had a special drive to raise awareness in the school about the benefits of this special cause. Ten fifth-grade students help her each year by helping the school raise money and awareness amongst students and faculty. The letters were presented to Macy's representatives on Friday at a special assembly at the school which included a visitor from the North Pole. Thank you Taylor students, parents, and the local communities for having a reason to believe this holiday season!