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Mr. Scott Wilson, the current Secondary Director, was appointed by Nebo School Board of Education as the new Assistant Superintendent of Nebo School District.

Scott started his career as an elementary teacher at Goshen Elementary and spent three years at Park View Elementary. Scott was involved in the Leadership Preparation Program (LPP) and wanted to be an elementary principal. However, he found himself as assistant principal for three years and then principal for three years both at Payson High School. Scott was the Student Services Coordinator for six years and Secondary Director for five years.

Mr. Wilson was recognized as an Outstanding Elementary Science Instructor for Utah. He was also selected by the Utah Association of Student Councils as Administrator of the Year.

Nedra Call, Curriculum Director, said, "Scott is an exceptional educator and a great leader who continually centers his focus on what is best for students of Nebo School District. I am excited to work side by side him in this new position."

Mr. Wilson’s philosophy encompasses this quote from Plato, "Do not train children to learn through force and harshness, but direct them to it by what amuses their minds, so that you may be better able to discover with accuracy the genius of each."

When asked about this new position, Scott said, "This is a humbling experience to be able to be the Assistant Superintendent especially with all the good people I get to work with. This whole adventure started with Nedra Call. I appreciate her direction and encouragement. I was fortunate to have many caring, compassionate colleagues, and mentors who gently encouraged me to try harder and strive farther. Having worked inside and outside of education, I am now convinced that there is no profession as important as education. I have never seen more caring, compassionate, and hard-working employees than those of Nebo School District. It is an honor to have worked with, and to continue to work with, such wonderful professionals."

Mr. Wilson thanked the school board for their confidence in him and said, "We will work for a common goal, and I want to make a difference." Nebo School District supports and congratulates Scott in this new appointment and adventure.

Scott has the amazing ability, although he likes to keep this a secret, to paint beautiful landscapes of the surrounding area. He and his wife, Alice, have three children and one grandchild. They enjoy going to their cabin, hiking, photography, and 4-wheeling.

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