J. Lynn Jones, Director, Special Education/Federal Programs, Nebo School District

Oakridge Student, and image of voting banner from Pepsi Refresh Project site

Oakridge School serves students with multiple and severe disabilities. The school is adjacent to Springville High School and serves students from throughout Nebo School District. Last spring representatives from Oakridge School presented to the Nebo School District Board of Education and outlined their plan to pursue a “Pepsi Refresh” grant. They received approval at that time to continue with their project. They created a video showing some of the needs of the school, and they have been applying each month to become eligible. Beginning today their project is on the Pepsi Refresh home page. It will be eligible for voting for the month of October.

On behalf of the students, parents, teachers, and other employees at Oakridge School, I encourage you to login to the Pepsi Refresh home page to vote. Attached are flyers, both large and small, that we hope will be shared with others who may have interest. The video mentioned above can be accessed at:

It is also available at the Pepsi Refresh website: (direct link)

When you vote on the Pepsi Refresh website you will be asked to create a login. The Oakridge grant is in the “Education” category. You can read about the project if you use the pull-down menu to select “near you” and select the “$50,000.00” section.

Thanks for your consideration.

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