Lana H. Hiskey - Public Information Officer - Nebo School District

Nebo Education Foundation continues to receive more funds from generous donors to award scholarships.  Over $50,000 in scholarships were awarded this spring to students from Nebo Education Foundation to assist them in furthering their educational opportunities.  Seventy scholarships helped pay tuition to schools such as Utah Valley University; Southern Utah University; Utah State University; Brigham Young University Hawaii, Idaho, Provo; Dixie State College; Snow College; College of Eastern Utah; and University of Utah.

Blaine Bird, foundation president, said, “I am so impressed with the caliber of kids that apply for and receive the scholarships offered through the Nebo Education Foundation. There is such a variety of scholarships.  Some scholarships are academic based and appeal to the top students, while others are looking to support the students that are able to excel while overcoming great challenges in life and learning.  In every case, the scholarships provide an opportunity for students to pursue their goals. It's a great win-win activity."

Many scholarships are set up to honor people making a difference in the community like former teacher Dave Dahlquist. This year’s recipient for the Dave Dahlquist scholarship is Maria Belen Moyano. She stated, “I was thrilled to learn of my selection for this honor. I am the first member of my family to attend college. I am currently a freshman at Utah State University majoring in Music Therapy. Music has truly played a big part in my life. I hope that I can someday help other students achieve their goals just as you have helped me.”

Some scholarships are set up in memory of someone like the Connie Chapple Swain Scholarship. One of this year’s recipient of the Connie Chapple Swain Scholarship is Rebecca Swain. She stated, “The opportunity that you are giving me to further my education will push my goals and help me strive to become a better person. I plan on working towards becoming a physical therapist and in some sort of way being able to help others.”    

Another scholarship set up in memory is of Elle Hullinger. One of this year’s recipient of the Live wElle Scholarship is Amberly Asay. She stated, “This scholarship means so much to me. It helps me relate to others through hard times and trials. You guys are honestly my heroes.”                          

Many scholarships are set up for students excelling in a particular field like the Music for Life Scholarship. One of this year’s recipient of the Music for life, Camille Jones, stated, “I am most grateful for your generosity. I plan to major in communication disorders and can assure you that I plan on making the most of my education.”

People can contribute throughout the year to a specific scholarship.  In the spring, students can apply through their high school counseling office.

Gayle Gammell, foundation board member said, “Helping facilitate scholarships for students through the Nebo Education Foundation is rewarding. Higher education is such a valuable asset for our students and contributes to the betterment of our society as a whole.  The scholarships are made possible through the generosity of many individuals and businesses in our area. It is gratifying to be a part of such a positive effort which continues to increase each year.”


The following scholarships were awarded at Payson High:

Dustin H. Diamond Agriculture Scholarship – Jeffrey Rowley $750

Dave Dahlquist Music Scholarship – Maria Belen Moyano $1,500.

Durrant Football Scholarship – Colton Cannon $1,000.

G. Grant & Genevieve K. Gardner Education Scholarship – Kaitlyn Alexander $1,000

Gillman/Jones Community Service Scholarship – Emmaline DeHart $500

McMullin Music Scholarship – Maria Belen Moyano $1,000

Pacific Horizon Credit Union – Kaitlyn Alexander $400

Widow’s Mite Scholarship – Jessica Kunzler $500

Bo Wilson Heart of the Champion Scholarship – Colton James (CJ) Ford $1,000


The following scholarships were awarded at Salem Hills High:

Edward Earl Collins Legacy Scholarship – Reese Knuteson $1,000 Alexis Spencer $1,000

Gillman/Jones Community Service Scholarship – Colton Simons $500

Ken Harris Drafting Scholarship – Taylor Adams $1,000

Ken Harris Music Scholarship – Colton Simons $1,000

Pacific Horizon Credit Union – Natalie McVey $400

Spanish Fork Running Scholarship – Aleck Clayton $750

Connie Chapple Swain Community Service Scholarship – Natalie McVey $500


The following scholarships were awarded at Spanish Fork High:

Argyle Legacy Scholarship – Justin Brierley $1,000

Taylor Christensen $1,000

Cindy Gonzalez $1,000

Bret Guercio $1,000

Merik Richardson $1,000

Paige Sanford $1,000

Max and Sonoma Creer Business Scholarship – Christopher Scott $500

Kiplyn Davis Memorial Scholarship – Holly Christensen $1,500

B. Davis Evans Drama Scholarship – Ashlee Christopherson $900  

Bob Evans Band & Orchestra Scholarship – Taylor Allred $500

Elmo Keck Choir Scholarship – Andrea Smiley $500

Jack Leifson Civic Involvement Scholarship – Lenola Iketau $500

J. Wayne Nelson Scholarship – Gavin Hales $1,000

Nursing Scholarship – Holly Christensen $500

Pacific Horizon Credit Union – Gavin Hales $400

Bonnie Roach Memorial Scholarship – Holly Christensen $600

Spanish Fork Running Scholarship – Mitchell Rucker $750

SF Class of 1957 Scholarship – Rebecca Green $1,000

Colton Ray Stewart Memorial Scholarship – Bryce Oveson $1,000

Connie Chapple Swain Community Service Scholarship – Rebecca Greene $500,

Christie Cerenzie $500,

Kayla Christensen $500

Russell Swenson Kaylee Beckstrom $800


The following scholarships were awarded at Maple Mountain High:

Advanced Family Eyecare Vision of the Future Scholarship – Amberly Asay $500

Max and Sonoma Creer Business Scholarship – Brittany Lee Redford $500

Wayne Lundell Scholarship – Kelli Slade $500,

Lindsey McMurdie $500


"Live wElle" Scholarship – Amberly Asay $1,000

Pacific Horizon Credit Union – Gatlin Hurst $400

Sharon Sims Scholarship – Kaylee Cloward $1,000

Spanish Fork Running Scholarship – Amberly Asay $750


The following scholarships were awarded at Springville High:

Family & Consumer Scholarship – Natalie Hansen $500

G. Grant & Genevieve K. Gardner Education Scholarship – Michael White $750

Neal Harlan Memorial Scholarship – Danielle Bodily $500

Patricia Kauffman Scholarship – Rachel Anderson $500,

Chelsie Richey $200

Max Knight Springville Kiwanis Scholarship – Rhett Crandall $500

"Live wElle" Scholarship – Danielle Bodily $1,000

Ashleigh Middlebrook $1,000

Music for Life Scholarship – Jefferson McClain $500,

Allysa Packard $500,

Camille Jones $300,

Rachel Anderson $300,

Keilani Gleave $300

Ray Newbury Scholarship – Kelly Bird $500

Pacific Horizon Credit Union – Kaitlyn Kitchen $400

Springville Class of 1945 Scholarship – Michael White $500

Springville High Alumni Scholarship – Chelsie Richey $500

Rachel Anderson $500

Ashleigh Middlebrook $500

Thomas Day $500

Megan Conrad $500

Zara Tonks Scholarship – Alejandro Rodriguez $500


The following scholarships were awarded at Landmark High:

Westland Construction Scholarship – Brent John $500


“That’s what the foundation is all about – to give our students the best educational opportunities possible whether it’s through classroom grants or college scholarships,” said Lana Hiskey, foundation executive director.

Not only does the Nebo Education Foundation help with non-profit funding of scholarships, but it also raises money to assist in classrooms through the district. “Generous funds are given to teachers and classrooms who have gone through a grant application process,” said Susan Frischknecht, foundation treasurer. 

People can specify a specific school or classroom they wish their donation to go towards.  The extra help through additional funding for non-consumable items give Nebo students the advantage of enhanced learning.  The foundation has funded such worthwhile projects as musical instruments and music, books, math and science equipment, computer software and hardware, exercise equipment, and GPS systems. 

For more information about the Nebo Education Foundation or to make a donation, please contact Lana Hiskey at 354-7400 or e-mail