Verlynn Wiley—Food Services at Westside Elementary

Verlynn  has worked for Nebo School District’s Child Nutrition department for nine years.  She is currently fulfilling responsibilities at Westside Elementary where she oversees the operations of Westside, Oakridge and Springville High School. Verlynn is always looking for ways to lift fellow employees, students and faculty.  If you are low on smiles, she'll give you one of hers. Usually one smile will carry you through the entire day!  Verlynn not only manages to handle her responsibilities as a wife and mother, but she also serves as the Membership Chair for the School Nutrition Association of Utah. Verlynn cheerfully serves the state and works to promote the nutritional well being of children throughout our region.

Verlynn Wiley was selected as the overall Nebo District Classified Employee of the Year for 2009-2010.



Trudy Strobel—Educational Technician at Diamond Fork Junior

Trudy is one-of-a-kind! She instinctively knows how to best help the resource students AND the teacher. Rather than hanging back and waiting to be asked for help, Trudy gets right in with the students to monitor their progress and understanding. She re-explains concepts in a new way to help them understand better. She clearly answers questions. And, she puts up with sometimes less-than-desirable behavior from these students while remaining calm, patient, and kind (even if she might feel otherwise). If Trudy is an aide in any one of my classes, I have confidence the students will be helped, loved, supported and that they will be successful. Trudy always goes the extra mile. If a student’s clothing becomes soiled, she does not hesitate to run the clothing through the laundry to assure the student’s comfort and dignity. Trudy is awesome and deserves this award ten times over!


Julie Higginson—Secretary at Canyon Elementary

Julie is the first person patrons see when coming to our school and she sets the feeling tone.  She takes everything in stride from band aids to broken arms with a kind word and smile.  She juggles reports, finances, attendance while answering endless phone calls with professionalism and a positive attitude.  She is never too busy to stop what she is doing to answer a question or give her attention to a student or parent.  Above all she is organized and timely in all that she is asked to do; she helps everything run smoothly. She walks out to the portables after school to deliver notes that needed to go home. She can even fix a temperamental copy machine or jammed laminator.  Through it all Julie is always smiling, has a fun sense of humor, and never a cross word for anyone.


Annette Draper—Librarian at Wilson Elementary

Annette Draper is an outstanding classified employee. She is an amazing person!  She has had to pack up her library for two summers in a row for remodeling purposes. Not only did she pack up, but she put in countless hours putting it back together again. And all without one single complaint!  She tries her hardest to make every minute count throughout the school day!  She has made our library a fun and inviting place for the kids to be.  She is always willing to help anyone in the school!  Every teacher knows that Annette will be there if they need anything at all! Her positive attitude - even in the midst of physical pain and challenges - is contagious for all of us!  All of that being said, the best thing about Annette is demonstrated by what I overheard a student say about her, “Mrs. Draper loves all of us, but I'm her favorite because she calls me Honey!" She truly does love all of the students at Wilson.  I could go on and on about Annette, but I will cut it short by saying that in 27 years of teaching school - I have never met anyone as dedicated to a school and children as she is!  She is very deserving of your honor.


Kenny Probst—Custodian at Spring Lake Elementary

Kenny Probst is a custodian at Spring Lake Elementary. Kenny is really good to work with.  He doesn’t complain and does his job with a happy attitude.  He doesn’t punch a time card but does what is necessary to get the job done. Kenny would do anything for anybody. The students love him. Kenny keeps our school running and looking great!


Roger Hutchings—Sweeper at Mapleton Junior High

Roger works as a sweeper and is as stalwart as they come.  He is always helpful and friendly to the students and the staff and has a big smile. He always offers a friendly greeting for everyone.  He not only takes care of his assigned areas, he also is a part of our school community--supporting our teams and performance groups and taking an interest in the events of the school.  Our girls basketball team noticed his extra support and service and were also aware of personal losses he recently faced and made cookies for him.  Although embarrassed at the extra attention, Roger beamed at being appreciated and loved.  This was just a reciprocation of all the extra attention he gives to each of us. 


Dick Christensen—Maintenance Carpenter for entire district

Dick is a hard worker in the maintenance department who is always willing to go the extra mile. His knowledge and abilities are invaluable to the school district.  When something needs to be fixed you can count on him to get right on it and get the job done right.  He will always lend a hand if he sees someone else is in need.  He loves to help other people, and he is good at it.  He is a very dedicated worker. Even as he was recovering from the West Nile virus, he was back to work long before he was expected to be. He is one of the rare men who put in an honest day’s work for an honest day’s wages. The maintenance department  and schools have a lot of respect for this man. Dick is one that truly deserves to be recognized for his commitment to the job and his loyalty and respect for those he works with.


Matt Roach—Bus Driver at Brockbank Elementary

Matt drives bus 09-F for Brockbank students--submitted as a principal and as a parent. Matt is always cheerful – when I am out on bus duty monitoring students getting on and off the bus, he is happily greeting the kids or wishing them a good day.   He jokes around with the kids and makes each one feel welcome.  As the students are waiting each day for the bus to come, they are all talking excitedly about some joke he told that morning or how they can’t wait to tell him this or that about their day.  I’ve had parents come to pick up kids at school, and the kids want to ride the bus instead. Parents often ask me if they can “reserve” Matt for next year as a bus driver; I fear several angry phone calls next year if Matt’s route gets rearranged.  There are more examples, but the bottom line is: Matt takes care of our students in a way every parent wants.  He cares and it shows in all he does.  He knows what matters most and is truly an asset to Nebo District and the lives of several Brockbank students lucky enough to be on his route.