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PHS Thespian Troupe Performs in International Theatre Organization

Submitted by lana.hiskey on Mon, 07/08/2019 - 3:57pm
By Lana Hiskey

On June 25 through 30, 2019, Payson High School’s Thespian Troupe #1025, traveled to Lincoln, Nebraska, to perform their chosen play, Women and Wallace. Payson High was chosen as this year’s Utah State Thespian Select One Act!
Every year in June, high school thespian troupes around the world perform in this International Theatre organization which honors student achievement in the Fine Arts. Payson High School’s Thespian Troupe #1025 consisted of William Wood, Parker Chestnut, Candace Holdaway, Melissa Peterson, Aeva McLauchlin, and Hannah Bibler. This incredible group was under the direction of theatre coach, Rock H. White, and chaperoned by Drama Mama, Tiffany McLauchlin.  

Not only did the PHS Thespian group participate in amazing workshops and viewed productions from across the globe, but they also performed their One Act to a sold-out audience! The audience at this festival understood all of the play’s humor and heart break, and expressed their appreciation of the fine acting from these students by giving them a standing ovation at the end of the performance. 

Payson High School was also honored with an International Thespian Trophy for the one act performance. Students interviewed for scholarships and competed in the individual events doing exceptionally well including several call backs to several universities in both acting and technical theatre.  

William Wood scored the highest out of our small band of thespians by receiving an overall national superior score and coming home with a medal.  Go DRAMA LIONS!!

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