Lana H. Hiskey - Public Information Officer - Nebo School District

Barnett Elementary’s after-school choir delighted the Nebo School Board of Education with two choral numbers. This after-school choir was formed four years ago and has grown to over 80 members. The choir director is Christine Muniz. During the school day she is known as the librarian.

Principal Ryan Pitcher at Barnett Elementary addressed the Nebo School Board and thanked them for collaboration time in schools. The staff and school community council uses collaboration time to discuss what would help inform and involve parents about their student’s progress and success. Parents and teachers need more information about each student’s progress.

After collaboration and research, the teachers and school community council developed a more detailed Standard-Based Report Card. Each student’s report card is broken down by subjects and core concepts into sub categories for each term. This provides information to make sure each child will master each concept. This Standard-Based Report Card also helps teachers to know what to work on in the classroom and helps parents to have discussions on concepts learned.

Nadine Evans, a school community council member, discussed how this council has had input on safe-walking routes and incentives for students in reading and math. She also complimented the principal, Ryan Pitcher, on his ability to listen to parents and do what is best for all children.