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Grants Awarded in October 2018 by the Nebo Education Foundation

Submitted by lana.hiskey on Mon, 10/08/2018 - 4:13pm

The Nebo Education Foundation is composed of 20 volunteer board members who live in cities serviced by Nebo School District. Each month, the foundation meets to discuss grant requests and other ways to raise money for the continual improvement of Nebo School District. For the month of October, there were many teachers who submitted requests for grant money to better their classrooms and/or school as a whole. Congratulations to the following teachers who received grants from the Nebo Education Foundation! These teachers continually benefit our district with their service to their students.

“That’s what the foundation is all about – to give our students the best educational opportunities possible through classroom grants,” said Lana Hiskey, executive director.

Congratulations to the following teachers that continue to inspire the lives of students.

Maple Ridge Elementary - Bethany Brown
“We are so happy to have received a grant through the Nebo Foundation. I will be using the money granted for literacy item for my second grade classroom. I will update my class library. After teaching kindergarten the past 10 years, I am in desperate need of chapter books for my students. Students had fun writing their wish list of books today. I will also use the money for book boxes for students to store their supplies during our ‘Daily 5' literacy block. Thanks again for visit and funds to help me be the most effective teacher possible,” said Bethany Brown, second-grade teacher at Maple Ridge.

Sierra Bonita Elementary - Sue Leber
“Thank you so much for awarding our class the grant! I really appreciate you choosing to use the funds to help our classroom. Receiving the funds from the Nebo Foundation will put more books in the hands of my students. New and struggling readers can greatly benefit by having books that are motivating and interesting to them. Using the money from this grant I will be able to diversify my classroom library with a wide variety books that will match their interests and help them develop a lifelong love of reading. I really appreciate receiving this grant to purchase recently published books and to provide more reading options for my students. Thank you,” said Sue Leber, kindergarten teacher at Sierra Bonita.

Sierra Bonita Elementary - Karilyn Diede
“It is with great appreciation that I write to you concerning the grant of $468 for Chromebooks that you awarded my third-grade classroom. With the grant, my students will have more opportunities to have hands-on learning. My students love to use Chromebooks to enhance their learning in content and technology skills. The students have used them in several curriculum areas. One of my student's favorite usage has been Adobe Spark, which was introduced to the classroom by one of the new technology coaches. They were taught how to create a short All About Me video using Adobe Spark. We then created another short video of the weekly vocabulary words. The students have also use the Chromebooks for the opportunity to research the current news using Scholastic News. They have discovered connections to their personal lives through the world wide web. They have loved relating the news to them and their experiences. Our classroom has traveled around the world using NearPod Lessons to making lessons real-life experiences. The students have written stories in Google Classroom, taken quizzes on Google Forms, and many more curricular sites to engage them in their learning,” said Karilyn Diede, third-grade teacher at Sierra Bonita. “We appreciate the funds to help our classroom grow and become a 21st Century classroom within Nebo School District. We are grateful for a foundation that supports teachers, but more importantly, supports the students. Thanks again for generous funding to buy Chromebooks for our classroom.”

Sage Creek Elementary - Kelli Giles
“I am so excited to receive the grant from Nebo Education Foundation. This grant helped me purchase Drums Alive DRUMTASTIC. I do not believe that when children come to school they need to sit still and listen. I believe that children learn through engaged, active, student centered activities. Drums Alive gives us that opportunity. In our classroom, we will be adding rhyme and rhythm to our HD Word, math, spelling, reading and much, much more. Thank you so much,” said Kelli Giles, second-grade teacher at Sage Creek Elementary.

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