Jen Teemant

Cherry Creek Elementary in Springville recently became the newest Lighthouse School after four years of implementing “The Leader In Me” program. This award is given by Franklin Covey Company to schools who have demonstrated excellence and consistency in implementing “The Leader In Me,” a school transformational model based on Steven Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

To celebrate this milestone, the school hosted a community celebration on Monday, May 7, 2018. Corbin White and Matt McGrath from Franklin Covey presented the Lighthouse Award to Mike Duncan, principal of Cherry Creek. Entertainment was provided by special guests, Cosmo the Cougar and the BYU Dunk Team. Door prizes and food were provided for families to enjoy on the front lawn of the school.

The entire Cherry Creek community has contributed so much time and effort to reach this point in “The Leader In Me” process. Four years ago, the faculty and staff were presented with the option of implementing this model of culture and curriculum and they decided with unanimous support to do so. Since then, it has required the support of families, faculty and staff, and especially the students themselves to make “The Leader In Me” take life at Cherry Creek. In March of this year, a Lighthouse Review Team from Franklin Covey took a student-led tour through the school, visiting classrooms and walking the halls, to determine if the school had demonstrated consistent and mature implementation of leadership principles. Cherry Creek was then notified in April that the school had met all the necessary requirements to be designated as a Lighthouse School.

Students have taken these leadership principles to heart, and they truly are the life-blood of “The Leader In Me” model. They have taken great pride in reaching Lighthouse status, and were thrilled to hear the news.

Scarlett Robinson, a second-grade student, said, “It's special because all the kids in the school had to work together, just like Habit #6: Synergize. Our school is doing what's right to help us learn.”

Seth Ramirez, a fourth-grade student, said, “We're inspiring other schools to live the habits. The habits help us stay focused on what's most important--learning and preparing for the future.”

Mathew Saris, a sixth-grade student agreed, “Our class mission statement helps our class to stay focused.”

Adrianna Herold, in second-grade, shared how Cherry Creek is like a lighthouse. “Our example shines bright, and we help each other to feel good about ourselves,” she said. “Habit 2: Begin With the End in Mind has taught me that we can't get what we want right away, we have to earn it,” said Brayan Monge, a fifth-grade student.

Cherry Creek Elementary is a prekindergarten through sixth grade Title I school located in Springville, Utah. Mike Duncan was appointed principal in 2012, and The Leader In Me program was implemented beginning in the fall of 2014. Cherry Creek strives to live by its mission statement, "We Lead. We Learn. We Inspire. I am important!"

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