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Nebo Teachers of the Year 2017 - 2018
Nebo Teachers of the Year 2017 - 2018
Judy Luther, Art City Elementary
Jaimie Standish, Barnett Elementary
Alexandra Dedrickson, Brockbank Elementary
Susan Bird, Brookside Elementary
Kristen Money, Canyon Elementary
Anne Call, Cherry Creek Elementary
Natalie Mecham, East Meadows Elementary
Kate Elliott, Foothills Elementary
Janille Osborn, Goshen Elementary
Brandi Wayment Hobble Creek Elementary
Angela Eckhardt, Larsen Elementary
Vanessa Schmidt, Maple Ridge Elementary
Melody Green, Mapleton Elementary
Susan Jurkatis, Meadow Brook Elementary
Caryn Covington, Mt. Loafer Elementary
Riley Winward, Orchard Hills Elementary
Carrie Dunn, Park Elementary
Chrisann Toelupe, Park View Elementary
Jen Gasser, Rees Elementary
Kelsey Mortensen, Riverview Elementary
Kelli Giles, Sage Creek Elementary
Pam Haney, Salem Elementary
Keeley Holt, Santaquin Elementary
Peggy Freek, Sierra Bonita Elementary
Emily Monroe, Spanish Oaks Elementary
Kathy Shaw, Spring Lake Elementary
Wendy Grill, Taylor Elementary
Lindsay Leman, Westside Elementary
Zak Nowell, Wilson Elementary

Nebo School District Teacher of the Year - Chrisann Toelupe

Chrisann Toelupe
Park View Elementary
“If you want to feel energy and excitement for learning, you just visit Chrisann’s classroom. She makes learning fun and believes each child is capable of being successful. Chrisann understands and provides differentiated instruction ensuring the greatest chance for success for all her students. She especially looks out for the ‘underdogs’. Chrisann willingly provides professional development to our faculty. Her passion for education is contagious.”

Judy Luther
Art City Elementary
“Mrs. Luther is devoted to student and teacher success. She expresses her concern for her students and actively seeks interventions to help them succeed. Mrs. Luther invests her time and energy to mentor, train, and encourage future educators. Parents speak very highly of Mrs. Luther. They remember the way Mrs. Luther made their child feel and the joy their child expressed in coming to school each day.”

Jaimie Standish
Barnett Elementary
“Jaimie is a natural leader and has a hard work ethic, pleasant attitude, and an amazing belief in students. She is an integral part in developing the Leader in Me program at Barnett Elementary. Jaimie teaches these students leadership qualities and gives them that desire to have a voice and use their leadership skills in all they do. She empowers her students to work hard, tackle a challenge, and have curiosity and desire to learn new things.”

Alexandra Dedrickson
Brockbank Elementary
“Alexandra exemplifies hard work, academic expertise, and a passion for teaching. She shows perfection in everything she does. When asked to do anything, she puts her creative touch on it and goes the extra mile. Alexandra plans engaging lessons and activities and creates a classroom environment where her students feel welcome and happy. Her students thrive under her instruction.”

Susan Bird
Brookside Elementary
“Susie is an amazing teacher! She is positive, a strong leader, and has great working relationships with staff and students. Susie has a wonderful rapport with her students. Her ability to connect with her students is evident in the way she addresses each student’s specific needs. Susie always has the best interest of her students in mind and has built a caring classroom community based on respectful relationships.”

Kristen Money
Canyon Elementary
“Mrs. Money embodies the qualities of dedication, hard work, and unwavering commitment to her students. She is the first to arrive early, stay late and take on added responsibilities if it means helping students learn. She provides selfless service to her students. As a special education teacher, she tailors her students learning to their learning level and strengths. Mrs. Money has piloted programs for the district on several occasions. She creates a positive learning culture and runs an exemplary program.”

Anne Call
Cherry Creek Elementary
“Anne is an extremely special teacher with a heart of gold. She demonstrates a genuine love for her students each and every day. Anne is a principal’s dream and is prepared with engaging lessons because she loves what she does. Anne serves as our school community council facilitator and is the chair of our Student Lighthouse team. Anne is a master at creating self-directed learners. She creates a classroom community that fosters unity among her students.”

Natalie Mecham
East Meadows Elementary
“Natalie cares deeply about her students and is committed to the children. She often puts in many long hours she is not compensated for. Natalie is confident and wants to learn and try new things. She is encouraging to students and helps them successfully reach the learning goals set for them. Natalie contributes to her team by planning lessons, revising curriculum maps, and implementing innovative ideas.”

Kate Elliott
Foothills Elementary
“Kate is a valuable addition to our school and district. She serves on the state committee charged with revising the Elementary Science Core Standards. She is ESL and STEM endorsed and completed the CMI Math Training. Kate is eager to share and apply her learning to benefit the school, teachers, and students. She builds a strong and positive classroom community among her students in her class. Kate’s students respond with respect and admiration as she consistently teaches in a positive manner.”

Janille Osborn
Goshen Elementary
“Janille is a person of integrity and caring. She helped develop Goshen’s Heroes SOAR positive behavior program and has taught the faculty how to implement it. Janille’s passion for learning and teaching is evident in everything she does. She asks the question, ‘What is best for my students?” Janille listens with a sincere desire to understand and then helps to develop a plan for the student to be successful.”

Brandi Wayment
Hobble Creek Elementary
“Brandi has numerous strengths in the classroom such as incredible rapport with her students, classroom management, engagement, creativity, and her ability to teach literacy. She knows what a student needs and how to prescribe interventions to increase ability and skill. Brandi served as our CMI facilitator and brought a higher level of math instruction to her classroom. She works hard and is not afraid of a challenge. Brandi is highly thought of in our community.”

Angela Eckhardt
Larsen Elementary
“Angela creates a classroom environment where her students love to be with many hands-on activities for her students to learn and participate. She is a leader and advocate for students. Angela has provided an enriching 4H program for many years and has taught an Underwater Robotics club that competes. She is an incredible leader and advocate for students and staff.”

Vanessa Schmidt
Maple Ridge Elementary
“Mrs. Schmidt is our only mild/moderate special education teacher and creates a program that meets the students’ needs while supporting regular education. She provides nurturing, engaging, and enriching classroom experiences for all her students. Mrs. Schmidt tirelessly works to know her students as learners and as individuals. She celebrates the strengths that students achieve and helps them to value their individual progress.”

Melody Green
Mapleton Elementary
“Melody has an ability to connect with everyone she comes in contact with. She is upbeat and positive and lifts those around her making each student feel like they are the most important person in the world to her. Parents comment frequently how Melody has made a difference in their child’s life and how grateful they are for her. Students learn that mistakes are okay, that they can accomplish great things. Melody is calm, pleasant and fun. She lightens stressful moments by helping others keep perspective.”

Susan Jurkatis
Meadow Brook Elementary
“Susan has a sound understanding of lesson planning and curriculum development. Her activities and assessments are enjoyable, clearly aligned to the lesson objective, enhanced through technology, and produce high levels of student engagement. Susan’s classroom reflects her passion about teaching. Each child knows they are loved because of the kind manner in which she interacts. Susan’s positive and happy demeanor assist her in creating a safe, engaging, and loving classroom environment.”

Caryn Covington
Mt. Loafer Elementary
“Mrs. Covington is a true master at curriculum planning and design. She is an asset to her department and was a mentor district wide with her position in special education. Caryn creates a community of learners by developing a positive relationship with each student. Her classroom procedures, high expectations and specific positive praise have ensured that students are successful. Mrs. Covington’s devoted and caring personality allows for the deeper experience of inspiring students and guiding them to confidence and competency.”

Riley Winward
Orchard Hills Elementary
“Riley shows incredible dedication to her students. Each child knows that she loves them and of her desire to help each one of them to become the best person they can. Riley sets high standards and realistic expectations for all students, and they respond with success. She loves fiercely and fairly. She is able to recognize each student’s unique strengths and helps them build upon these strengths. Riley is loved by students, parents, and faculty.”

Carrie Dunn
Park Elementary
“Carrie Dunn is a true master teacher and always has the best interest of her students. Carrie comes to school very early in the morning, very late at night, and even weekends preparing engaging lessons for her students. She works tirelessly to reach each one of her students at their individual learning level. The end result is happy, engaged students making great progress. Carrie works well with her team providing enthusiasm and veteran teaching experience. Every student and adult that interacts with Carrie always walks away with a smile on their face.”

Jen Gasser
Rees Elementary
“Jen can handle any task and makes a good impact in the lives of students. She handles every task with enthusiasm. Jen coaches afterschool debate and helps students succeed at the district and state levels of competition. She pushes herself to do the best she can in her teaching and to try new ideas. Jen is always happy and lifts others. She has had a profound influence in the culture of Rees with the newly implemented behavior SOAR program.”

Kelsey Mortensen
Riverview Elementary
“Mrs. Mortensen exhibits enthusiasm, innovativeness, and dedication to teaching. Her flexibility in working with students, teachers, and the public has earned her a reputation as a teacher who truly cares about people. Mrs. Mortensen gives generously of her valuable time and often her work extends beyond the school day. She has an ability to turn students on to learning. She is especially diligent with students who have a difficult time learning. Mrs. Mortensen sets a high standard for herself and her students.”

Kelli Giles
Sage Creek Elementary
“Kelli is able to reach kids and have success with students that many others have struggled with. Because she believes every child is capable of success, she structures her lessons so students on every level can achieve mastery. Kelli works hard and has a strong knowledge base. She continues to improve and develop, quietly going about affecting her student’s lives for the better each and every day. Students thoroughly enjoy her class. It is evident that Kelli is willing to go the extra mile to help her students succeed.”

Pam Haney
Salem Elementary
“Pam is a very hard working dedicated individual who is constantly seeking ways to improve herself and those around her. She values others and their opinions. Pam serves as a district mentor, assisting new special education teachers. If Pam sees a challenge, she takes it head on giving it her best. Students say that she makes learning fun. Pam is a gifted teacher who constantly fosters a love for learning in all of her students.”

Keeley Holt
Santaquin Elementary
“Keeley is a dedicated teacher that plans for success with each of her students. The love she has for teaching and her students is always apparent. Keeley’s genuine love and concern for students is always present as she strives to help each child reach their full potential. She is a leader among her peers and gives direction and focus to her team and constructively contributes to the whole school learning community. Mrs. Holt has a productive attitude, devoted character, and passion towards learning.”

Peggy Freek
Sierra Bonita Elementary
“Peggy works in our medically fragile unit and truly wins the heart of her students. With the diversity of needs in her class, she really has to know and understand how her students communicate their individual needs. Peggy creates opportunities and gives voice to her students. A class play is just one example. The play allows her students to be a part of the school. Peggy creates a culture of caring, love, and service.”

Emily Monroe
Spanish Oaks Elementary
“Emily understands the importance of meeting the students where they are. She keeps a sharp eye on student understanding and realizes the importance of parent involvement in the success of each child. Emily is dependable, hardworking, and works positively with the entire school community. She is well organized and thrives under adversity. Emily has the ability to collaborate and finds value in the ideas of others. She is an outstanding person!”

Kathy Shaw
Spring Lake Elementary
“Kathy leads our special education team with compassion and dedication. She is an advocate for children and a wonderful support to our teachers. Her classroom is an environment of active learners. Kathy has a deep understanding of the teaching and learning processes and employs a variety of best practices in her teaching. She sincerely wants her students to succeed. Kathy is positive and knowledgeable and helps parents feel at ease. Parents trust and respect Mrs. Shaw and know that their child is receiving excellent service.”

Wendy Grill
Taylor Elementary
“Wendy makes sure the academic, emotional and physical needs of her students are met. She truly loves her students. Wendy does not make her students fit her mold, she makes her mold fit her students individually. She is reflective and always adapting and improving her practice based on reflections and new learning. Wendy focuses on the needs of her students and works tirelessly to find solutions to their learning challenges. Wendy is a master teacher.”

Lindsay Leman
Westside Elementary
“Lindsay is reliable, dependable, self-motivated, dedicated, energetic, and willing to put in the time necessary to assure student success. She goes above and beyond making sure everything she has undertaken is of the highest quality. Lindsay has a great love for each student without bias of individual struggles. She never shies away from a challenge and takes the time to learn and incorporate technology in her class. Lindsay understands that all students’ needs are different and is willing to tailor lessons that best fit those needs.”

Zak Nowell
Wilson Elementary
“Zak has a unique ability to make learning fun and motivating for his students. He is aware of individual needs of his students and works extremely hard to meet these differing needs. Zak is highly respected by his students. He treats students fairly and with a loving and caring approach. He is highly recommended by parents. Zak is an outstanding teacher and professional in every way.”

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