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Nebo District Classified Employees of the Year 2017 - 2018

Submitted by lana.hiskey on Thu, 03/15/2018 - 9:17am
Lana Hiskey

Nebo District Classified Employees of the Year 2017 - 2018

Nebo School District honors classified employees across the district. Thank you to all those that submitted over 300 employees this year.

District Employee of the Year – Valerie Leetham

Valerie Leetham
Secretary -- Human Resource
“Valerie is a dedicated worker and deals with many difficult situations when people are upset regarding their benefits. She always remains calm and works diligently to ensure that there is an appropriate solution to the concern. Valerie is very meticulous regarding the billing and payments. She spends hours and hours poring over the bills and saves the district money each month by ensuring that all billing is correct. Valerie works with all new employees to get their insurance set up and ready. She is so knowledgeable and helps with endless questions. Valerie is smart and clever and is a joy to work with. Valerie is amazing!”

Adam Roberts
Custodian – Salem Junior
“Adam goes out of his way to help others have everything needed. He quickly responds to any request for help with the ‘we'll get 'er done!’ attitude. Adam always follows through promptly, sometimes stopping another task to come and help. He trains and supervises his sweeper staff to maintain a high level of care for the school with an attitude of supportive customer service. His sweepers will frequently ask if there is anything additional they can do to clean or maintain classrooms. Adam shows real pride in responsibility and investment through his exceptionally thorough care of the building and support of all educators and students.”

Amanda Kittell
Special Education Services
“Amanda cares deeply for others and gives every ounce of energy to this cause. She demonstrates this through her love and service given to Spanish speaking families. We witness numerous times where Amanda sets aside her regular daily tasks to care for and help a Spanish speaking family with registration, special education, food services, etc. Once she gives all the time needed to help families, Amanda returns to her regular tasks to complete, which might require leaving the office much later than anticipated, due to the time set aside to love and care for these Spanish speaking families. Amanda spends hours in IEP and district meetings to make sure that all involve understand and know additional resources of help. She teaches English classes at night for adults to learn basic English skills and access community resources. Amanda is dedicated to help parents learn and support their children.”

Jay Robbins
Maintenance – District Wide
“Jay is positive, kind, and incredibly helpful. For each electrical request, Jay takes the time to walk people through the process and explain each step. He is patient and helps others to understand. We appreciate Jay's approach to his job because he's so friendly and truly wants to help. He recognizes that no job is too small. Jay gives careful consideration and time to everything he does!”

Karen Bills
Child Nutrition – Mapleton Junior
“Karen works hard every day to make sure lunch is ready. She is always positive, takes pride in her work, and truly cares about what she does. Karen always has a smile on her face for the children. She is so patient and kind to figure out diabetic students' carbs each and every day, so that students can get the right insulin. She is never stern or cross with a child or a teacher.”

Jeff Haymore
“Jeff takes care of our cars in Nebo. Whenever we have a repair or some other need, Jeff responds immediately. He is cheerful and takes good care of Nebo. Nebo has a strong mechanics program, and it is individuals like Jeff that deserve the credit. Nebo employees can’t drive without cars that are in good working order. Jeff keeps our fleet running and has a very positive attitude.”

Jan Grotegut
Educational Technician - Cherry Creek Elementary
“On a daily basis, others can find Jan working incredibly hard to help students with math and reading. Jan is so talented and has a natural ability to build positive relationships with ALL students. She is often found joking with and getting to know students in the lunchroom or out on the playground. Our teachers rely on Jan to take large numbers of students during reteach time. This enables classroom teachers to work with smaller numbers of struggling students. Jan is extremely versatile. She knows how to work with kindergarten through sixth-grade students and is effective at all levels. Our teachers beg to have access to Jan because they see the impact that she has on their students.”

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