The Nebo Education Foundation meets each month at 7:00 a.m. to discuss submitted educational grant proposals for students in Nebo School District. One of the goals of the foundation is to fund worthwhile projects in the district that provide resources to enrich student learning.

The Nebo Education Foundation could use more money to fund these worthwhile learning grants. Anyone interested in donating to Nebo District schools, classes or programs can do so through the Nebo Education Foundation which is a 501 (c) (3) organization created to bring businesses and donors together for the benefit of Nebo District school children. Your contribution is a tax deductible charitable gift as provided by law. Contact Lana Hiskey at 801-354-7400, email or mail to 350 South Main, Spanish Fork, UT 84660.

Congratulations to the following teachers that continue to inspire the minds of students.

Sierra Bonita Elementary – Jennifer Sorensen
Jennifer Sorensen, fifth-grade teacher at Sierra Bonita Elementary, said, “Thank you, thank you, thank you to the Nebo Education Foundation for awarding me this grant. The money will be used to purchase supplies necessary to implement Breakout Edu into my classroom. Having these supplies will provide opportunities for my students to learn through games while solving puzzles. The games and puzzles provide students with hands-on learning and will help them in developing 21st century skills in critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity.”

Spanish Fork Junior Special Education – Katrina Davenport
“We are so excited about receiving the grant from the Nebo Education Foundation. With this grant, we will be able to purchase multiple devices that can be used by students, who are non-verbal, to help them communicate their wants, needs and ideas. We will be purchasing devices of different complexity to match the various needs of students in the district. Our goal is to create a loaning library that will be available to the students who need a longer time with devices. The loaning library would be available to speech therapists and special education teachers across the district, who work with students who are non-verbal. We thought this would be important because the devices can be expensive. The students, we want to help, function at various communication levels and will often progress in their level of communication, thus requiring a more complex device to assist their communication. By having various devices available, the teachers and speech therapists would then be able to just check-out the different devices, rather than having to find funding to purchase the devices themselves,” stated Katrina Davenport, special education specialist for Nebo District.

Park View – Beth Allred
Beth Allred, fourth-grade teacher at Park View, said, “We were dancing in the fourth-grade hall at Park View Elementary on Tuesday!! Thanks to the generous grant from the Nebo Education Foundation, we will be receiving much needed supplies to enhance our science curriculum here at Park View. Some of the supplies are for weather e.g. anemometers; a giant, reusable weather map; and some weather models. We are also excited to get supplies for learning about rocks and fossils. These range from posters to hands-on fossil making kits. We are especially delighted with the Mohs' Hardness Test kits that will allow the students to determine and estimate the hardness of a rock.”

Park View – Brittnee Bird
“We can’t thank the Nebo Foundation enough for the very generous grant they’ve awarded to our fourth-grade team here at Park View Elementary! Thanks to their incredible donation we now have the funds to purchase over 100 new picture books to help our students become better readers and writers. We will be using the money to get each fourth-grade teacher a year’s worth of high-quality, high-interest books to teach our students reading, writing and grammar skills through mentor sentences. We’re so excited about how much we’ve seen our kids learn and grow through mentor texts, and the Nebo Foundation has allowed us to take their learning even further. Thank you so much!” exclaimed Brittnee Bird, fourth-grade teacher at Park View Elementary.

Santaquin & Goshen – Lynn Hansen
Lynn Hansen, speech therapist at Santaquin and Goshen Elementary schools, said, “I am so grateful to the Nebo Foundation and all that help support our children. I am excited to purchase books in my classrooms that will better allow me to target specific speech sounds. With these books I will be able to provide speech sound instruction and build our students love for literature and language. Thanks again so much for providing needed resources so educators are able to meet the vast needs of our children.”

Rees – Nate Wright, Jen Gasser, Tim Mendenhall
“How do you spell school? s-c-h-o-o-l. What is 10+15? 25. How many days does it take for the moon to make a complete cycle? 29. Students can learn, and they can memorize facts. When learning comes to life is when magic happens. Magic happens when you see a student get a water sample from Salem Pond, put it on a microscope slide, identify the microorganism, sketch it on a field notebook paper, and energetically telling everyone around what an amazing thing she just discovered is magic. Partnering with the Nebo Foundation has brought magic to the lives of many children. The sixth grade students at Rees Elementary get to experience learning in a fun and engaging way in an authentic environment because of the Nebo Foundation. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!” exclaimed sixth-grade teacher, Nate Wright, at Rees Elementary.