Khristen Massic Awarded High School Teacher of the Year by the Utah Technology and Engineering Educators

One of the teachers at the Nebo Advanced Learning Center, Khristen Massic, was honored as the High School Teacher of the Year by the Utah Technology and Engineering Educators (UTEE) division of the Utah Association for Career and Technical Education (UACTE) at this year's UACTE Mid-Winter conference that was held at Jordan High School on February 2-3, 2018. Because of this award, Mrs. Massic will be recognized at the International Technology and Engineering Educators Association (ITEEA) national conference in Atlanta this April.

When asked what she hopes to achieve, her answer was:
“One of my goals for technology and engineering education is to increase the capacity of teachers. I am passionate about sharing best practices with other teachers and helping them reach their full potential. I enjoy learning about new ideas for the classroom, trying them myself, and sharing my experience with others. I believe that most who enter the profession, want to be good educators, but they need support and professional development in order to stay in the profession. Teaching shouldn’t be stagnant or repetitious, we should always be striving for ways to improve our students’ capacity for learning to prepare them for life. It can be easy for non-core subjects to brush off some of the best practices because we are not in a typical classroom setting, but I feel that we have an advantage because we can use our hands-on courses to provide relevant experiences to help students learn.”

Congratulations Khristen Massic for being a Nebo Hero!

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