Jennelle Youngs, sixth-grade teacher at Foothills Elementary, is one of Nebo’s up and coming teachers! She is always looking for ways to integrate technology in her classroom to make a greater impact on student learning. She set up her Google Classroom early in the school year, which she notes is making life a lot easier on her as a teacher when it comes to managing student workflow. She is always eager to learn new ways to engage, motivate, and raise the level of what is expected when it comes to student performance in her class. 

Mrs. Youngs’ students love playing Quizlet Live to review and learn curriculum, creating videos using WeVideo, earning points on Class Dojo, and building presentations using Google Slides. These are just a few ways Janelle has used technology. 

Following are some quotes from Mrs. Youngs' students regarding these projects: 

“One thing that we have done is build your own pumpkin [Jack-O-Lantern actually, using Google Slides]. I thought it was a good way to use our imagination... And the last thing we did is WeVideo, and it was my favorite thing ever! I had so much fun with that!”

“Mrs. Youngs is the best teacher I have had for four years. And trust me I’ve [had] a lot of good teachers.” 

Hats off to Mrs. Youngs for making Nebo a fun and inspiring place to be!