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Captains and student leaders from six high schools and seven junior high schools attended the Nebo School District’s Fall Academy. The purpose of the Captains’ Academy is to promote sportsmanship between the schools. This goal is realized through the captains and leaders working together at the academy to promote better relations between the students and athletes, to develop leadership through the academy activities, and to develop relationships with coaches and administrators as they present at each academy.

This Fall Captains’ Academy included captains from girls’ soccer, football, cheer, boys’ golf, student government council, volleyball, girls’ tennis, and girls’ and boys’ cross country.

Each high school sends a captain for each sport. The captains do not sit with their own school; rather, they sit with sport captains and leaders from other junior high and high schools. The captains listen to each presenter, and then work collaboratively to present their position and ideas back to the entire group.

District Student Services Coordinator, Troy Bohling, started the academy by welcoming the leaders from across Nebo School District including secondary school administration and athletic directors.

Michelle Best, with Intermountain Healthcare, talked with the leaders about healthy lifestyles and especially how important sleep is in staying healthy. Athletes are more prone to health issues an anxiety because of lack of sleep.

Brodie Berg, a 1990 Oregon State High School Golf Champion and currently a firefighter, led a discussion about great leaders. He emphasized that great leaders have character. Talent is a gift but character is a choice. Brodie also mentioned that great leaders are competent, accomplish more than others, inspire others, are generous, build relationships, take responsibility, and have passion to name a few attitributes.

ABC 4 sports director, Wes Ruff, introduced Sportsmanship. Wesley grew up in Springville and enjoys golf. His message included the importance of character, attitude, and having pride in your team.

Steve Dudley, athletic director at Spanish Fork High, led a discussion on sportsmanship and reporting. The various sports captains took the word “sportsmanship” and came up with descriptors for each letter and reported back to the group.

Troy Bohling, student services coordinator and organizer of these academies, said, "Captains’ Academy has provided a powerful forum for athletes and school leaders to discuss and implement essential leadership traits and the value of great sportsmanship as well as how to be safe and avoid unnecessary injuries."

A big thank you to Laura Salazar, Communications Director at Intermountain Healthcare, for the delicious lunch provided for the captains and leaders.

Congratulations to Mike Adams for answering this week’s “Where are we Wednesday?” challenge sponsored by Wiggy Wash.

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