Mark Peterson, Public Relations Director, Utah State Office of Education

SALT LAKE CITY - With nearly one out of five high school students earning
college credit by passing advanced placement (AP) tests, Utah ranked 10th in
the nation for percentage of public high school students passing AP exams in
2009, according to the 6th annual AP Report to the Nation released today by
the College Board.

The College Board noted that 9,191 of Utah's 33,137 public high school
students took an AP exam in 2009 and that 6,140 of those who took the exam
passed it, meaning 18.5 percent of Utah public school students passed an AP
exam in 2009. Maryland, with 24.8 percent of students passing AP exams led
the nation. California, with 20.8 percent of students passing an AP exam,
and Colorado, with 20.1 percent of students, were the only other Western
states in the top 10. California ranked seventh and Colorado eighth.

Among the College Board's Top Ten AP States (Maryland, New York, Virginia,
Massachusetts, Florida, Connecticut, California, Colorado, Vermont, and
Utah), Utah ranked fourth in percentage of students taking AP exams who
passed the exams. Based upon percentage of students passing AP exams,
Connecticut ranks first at 71.6, Massachusetts second at 71.4, Vermont third
at 69.0 and Utah fourth at 66.8 percent.

"We think this is terrific news," said State Superintendent of Public
Instruction Larry Shumway. "What this shows is that more and more Utah kids
are better preparing themselves for post-secondary education. Digging deeper
into the data, we're also seeing increasing AP participation rates among
Utah's ethnic minorities while our passing rates remain high, and that's
good news for Utah's future."

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