Lana Hiskey

Principal Ryan Murray addressed the Nebo School Board of Education and expressed how thankful he is for the wonderful parents that support the great children of Orchard Hills Elementary.  He is also thankful for the dedicated teachers and introduced one teacher, Tammy Dragger that then led the students in an orchestra performance to the delight of the board and to all those in attendance. 

Karrie Glazner, school community council representative, spoke to the board about the school’s Trustlands money. Orchard Hills is focusing on reading in grades first through third and mathematics in grades fourth through sixth. Karrie gave specific details on how the school achieves these goals with interventions including Imagine Learning, teacher aides, coaches, and technology. The money really does help support the learning of students.
Some Orchard Hills sixth-grade students described how they utilize various student committees instead of a student council. Then the students presented their first edition school yearbook with help from their adviser, Stephanie Wood, sixth-grade teacher at Orchard Hills.