Springville High Student Wins Financial Gaming Contest Springville Student Wins Financial Contest

Springville High School student Serina Mumford and her classmates recently had a strong dose of financial know-how playing video games provided by Zions Bank.

Now Mumford is $250 richer as well.

Bryan Halverson, manager of the Spanish Fork financial center, surprised Mumford at the school with news that she had won the cash through the bank’s financial entertainment online game tournament.

Two award-winning video games from the nonprofit Commonwealth are featured online at Players can serve as personal assistants to spendthrift movie stars in “Celebrity Calamity,” or manage farm resources to build savings and survive emergencies in “Farm Blitz.”

Mumford said she enjoyed playing the game and mentioned that she liked learning more about financial habits, and how often people make decisions that truly do not make any financial sense.

“Celebrity Calamity is a great program that teaches students in a gaming atmosphere the financial principles they will need throughout their life,” said Halverson. “More students should get involved so they are prepared in advance for the financial responsibilities they will face as soon as they graduate,” he said.