By Lana Hiskey
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Nebo Education Foundation Gives Grants February 2017

The Nebo Education Foundation meets each month at 7:00 a.m. to discuss submitted educational grants for students in Nebo School District. One of the goals of the foundation is to fund worthwhile projects in the district that provide resources to enrich student learning. 

The Nebo Education Foundation could use more money to fund these worthwhile learning grants. Anyone interested in donating to Nebo District schools, classes or programs can do so through the Nebo Education Foundation which is a 501 (c) (3) organization created to bring businesses and donors together for the benefit of Nebo District school children.  Your contribution is a tax deductible charitable gift as provided by law. Contact Lana Hiskey at 801-354-7400, email or mail to 350 South Main, Spanish Fork, UT 84660. 

Congratulations to the following teachers that continue to inspire the minds of students.

Brockbank Elementary – Amberly Kariuki
Amberly Kariuki, fourth-grade teacher at Brockbank Elementary, said, “This grant will be used to buy a multiplication Wrap Ups math kit to be used in fourth grade. The Wrap Ups will help students learn their multiplication facts, which are imperative that they know for the math they will be doing from here on out. Being able to physically manipulate an object in their hands, while orally reciting the math facts, will help make connections in their brains and help them remember and memorize the facts. The CD of math fact raps will add another modality of learning for those who learn musically. We are excited to be able to have enough to actually make in impact in fourth grade!”

Sierra Bonita – Amy Staheli
“Sierra Bonita is extremely grateful for funds provided by both our principal, Garrett Andersen, and the Nebo Foundation. These funds will provide a set of dictionary/thesaurus books for our third grade to explore and utilize. A thesaurus is an valuable tool to become familiar with as our students are in the process of expanding their capacity of writing. Although each third grade student is provided a dictionary through the Kiawannis club, these books are taken home to be used and enjoyed there. This set of reference books will be available to our students everyday. Thanks so much!” exclaimed Amy Staheli, third-grade teacher at Sierra Bonita.

Cherry Creek – Lori Blackburn
Lori Blackburn, Cherry Creek librarian, said, “This is so wonderful. It made my day. I know the kids will be so happy to use these items. These will make our library more user friendly while providing the students with increased educational opportunities. These funds will help foster interest in STEAM programs as well as help encourage children to think in different ways. Thank you so much for helping me to help them.”

Spanish Fork Junior – Joe Anson
“This year at Spanish Fork Junior High a new language arts elective was born: Science-Fiction and fantasy Literature. However, we bagel the year with only a few older texts for students to use. The grant from the Nebo Foundation helped purchase new, modern texts that will be easily accessible for the 7th, 8th, and 9th graders who enroll in this course for years to come. This book, Guys read: Other Worlds will serve as a foundation of discussion and exploration in the chosen genres of study. So far, the course has been a great success with many younger students requesting to take it again next year. Thank you again for helping us purchase these texts,” stated Joe Anson, Spanish Fork Junior High English teacher.

Hobble Creek – Linda Pugh
Linda Pugh, second-grade teacher at Hobble Creek, said, “The second-grade students and teachers at Hobble Creek Elementary are very excited to have received 12 new iPads to share among the classes of Mrs. Linda Pugh, Mrs. Natasha Bingham, and Mrs. Joy Christensen. Thanks to the generous grant we received from the Nebo Education Foundation. Prior to today, the second graders have not had access to computer use in our classrooms, so we are very anxious to start using the new iPads.  We plan to use them to help students practice reading on their own individual reading levels and in math practice. They will help the students both this year and in many years to come.  Many thanks to the Nebo Education Foundation!”

Diamond Fork Junior – Eric Evans
“I am so grateful for the grant from the Nebo Foundation. I feel that so often students are taught to rely on their technology for so much including getting around. Often, I have been traveling our beautiful state and technology has failed me but my ability to read a map hasn't. I intend to help my students gain the same skills using the atlases funded by the Nebo Education Foundation. I also hope to help students develop literacy in geography by exposing them to other tangible maps in these atlases,” said Eric Evans, history teacher at Diamond Fork Junior.

Spanish Fork High – Scott Moody
Scott Moody, ceramics teacher at Spanish Fork High said, “I am excited about receiving the grant from the Nebo Foundation for new equipment for my classroom. I will use the money to purchase a pugmill, which will be used to recycle all of the used clay in my room.  One of the biggest challenges has been trying to keep up with recycling the clay that my students use as they are learning to work with the pottery wheel.  Up to now, I have been doing it by hand, but the consistency of the clay is hard to get even throughout. The pugmill will mix the clay to an even consistency that will be easier for students to use as they practice and throw projects on the pottery wheels.”

Mt. Loafer – Phyllis Peterson
“To say that my class and I are excited about this grant would be putting it mildly. We are ecstatic!!!!! As you know we are getting headphones and 1 more chrome book. Many of the programs that we use could not be used with out headphones because all the students are on different levels. We have been trying to get headphones all year long. We are so happy to do Imagine Learning in our own classroom and have the opportunity to be on the chrome books each day. The learning noise in a kindergarten room can be distracting. Now we can stick to the task of our chrome books with the distracting noise of other activities going on. With the additional chrome book,my chrome books can also become a center and give us additional time on the computer. We are so excited to have practice with letters, sounds, building words, reading, addition, subtraction and a lot more! I cannot thank you enough!!!!!!!” exclaimed Phyllis Peterson, kindergarten teacher at Mt. Loafer.

Payson Junior – Connie Ericksen
“The Payson Junior High Jazz (PJHS) Band was thrilled to receive a Nebo Foundation Grant for sound equipment. Each year at PJHS, a new group of young people are exposed to the unique and exciting genre of big band swing. This style, though very popular in the 40's-anytown USA, is like another language--a language we do not want to lose. The interpretation of ‘normal’ looking music requires a laid-back feel to create a sense of ‘swing’. The band meets early morning all year long and spends the first semester focusing on the theory of the style. In the spring, the jazz band enjoys a full schedule of performances at district festivals, rest homes, the Payson, Senior citizen center, and The Central Utah VA Center. The culmination of their year is the Jazz Band Dinner Dance where the band performs nearly three hours of music while a paying audience enjoys dinner and an evening of old-fashioned ballroom dancing.” said Connie Ericksen, orchestra teacher at Payson High.

“The jazz band has some special logistical needs: as they often play as accompaniment to a cadre of vocalists, four vocal microphones are needed with dedicated channels on a sound board. The same applies to two instrumental soloist microphones that are placed on each side of the band. Finally, microphones are suggested in front of the saxophone line. A monitor to feed the sound back toward the band is also recommended. Through the last 10 years, these needs have been met through a private sound company who has provided the equipment and expertise to run it. With this grant, the band will be able to purchase the equipment to use for every performance, and to practice with in preparation for those performances. That extra experience is very valuable.”
Mrs. Ericksen said, “The Payson Junior High Band and Jazz Band were thrilled to receive a Nebo Foundation Grant for stage platforms and risers. This equipment is "standard" for drama, choral, and all kinds of band productions. The platforms make it possible to create a stage anywhere, or to create tiered staging in any existing stage location. The tiered staging is required for jazz band set ups as the trombone line must be seated higher than the saxophones and the trumpet line, yet highest of all. This arrangement clears the instrument bells so the brass sound can project forward. The sound is a unique requirement of jazz bands. At every region jazz band festival, the stage is set with this arrangement. Now the PJHS can invite other bands to perform here, and provide an appropriate setup. At our popular VETERANS CONCERT held each November, we often try to use the cafeteria space by creating a stage at the back of the room. This makes it possible to share the performance with choir, jazz band, orchestra and concert band because the action can move to various locations in the hall without interruption or delay. In years past, we have borrowed platforms from the high school. After pinched fingers, long days, and the use of personal trucks to haul them several years in a row, we made the petition to the Nebo Foundation in hopes to buy our own set for the school. We are delighted at your generosity.”