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Crystal Apple Award at Hobble Creek

Submitted by ts on Tue, 01/26/2010 - 4:00pm

This year’s recipient for the Crystal Apple Award from Hobble Creek Elementary School is Deana Coates. Deana has been sharing her time as an Instructional Coach for the last four years between Hobble Creek and Spring Lake Elementary. Previous to that Deana taught at Brookside Elementary, Grant Elementary, Sage Creek Elementary and Westside Elementary. Deana is a meticulous planner as a teacher; she prepares well and is a great example of a continuous learner. She stands out as a leader among teachers. Whenever new teachers have joined the school staff, she has taken them under her wing and helped them learn the existing cultures and procedures of that school. She is always sharing her ideas or teaching materials with others. Deana is a talented teacher, fabulous friend, magnificent mentor, and super spouse, mother and daughter. She loves spending time with her husband, Lynn, and their children. She is especially fond of her grandchildren and loves to spend her time and money on them. Deana Coates works hard to make the world a better place!