Lana Hiskey

The Comprehensive School Counseling Program strives to have every student in the Nebo School District graduate from high school with the skills, knowledge, and social capital essential for successful transition to the next step towards completing postsecondary options.

Collaborative Classroom Instruction provides student knowledge, attitudes, and skills through instruction in four areas of development: academic/learning, life/career, multicultural/global citizenship, and social/emotional from the Utah College and Career Readiness Student Mindsets and Competencies. 

Plan for College and Career Readiness/SEOP is a process designed to help individual students establish personal goals and develop future plans.  The student engages in next step planning, monitoring, and managing his or her goals toward college and career readiness with guided support from the school counselor and parent.  

Systemic Approach to Dropout Prevention with Social/Emotional Supports meet the immediate concerns and needs of students.  Services are delivered to students through prevention and intervention approaches via consultation, individual and small-group counseling, crisis counseling, and referrals.

Administration of Program and Non-Counseling Activities consists of program development with the focus of equity, implementation, and management that connects to existing family and community support and to school improvement and student achievement.  

HOPE Squads - All secondary schools sponsor a HOPE squad with students being trained to be active listeners so they may help and respond to peers who are struggling with emotional issues such as depression and suicide.  School counselors are taking the lead in establishing and promoting the use of Hope squads.  Hope squads also provide activities that address bullying, respect, and influence the positive culture of each school.  

Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support (PBIS) - Each school promotes a positive school climate through PBIS principles.  Social skills are taught explicitly through a variety of delivery systems, i.e. student advisory, flex-time, discovery time, etc.   Counselors have a prominent role in creating anti-bullying curriculum that is taught through classroom presentations, advisory activities, lunchtime activities, and assemblies. Last year all junior highs participated in a Champions Rodeo presentation “Don’t Be a Bully Be a Champion.”  

SafeUT - Students this year have access to licensed clinicians at the University of Utah’s Neuropsychiatric Institute through the SafeUT App.  Students can anonymously report any unsafe, violent, or criminal activities.  Bullying, cyber-bullying, harassment, hazing, threats, as well as information about physical or sexual abuse; and suicide threats can be reported.  A clinician is available 24 hours a day to help students through any crisis.  Information is then shared with administrators or counselors at each school so that they can investigate and follow up with any reported incident.  This school year the district is averaging two referrals per week.  

The Plan for College and Career Readiness/SEOP process is a primary strategy for recognizing student accomplishment and strengths; as well as planning, monitoring, and managing education and career development in grades 7-12.  Students find greater success in school if:

  • They have the best schedule for their abilities and needs. 
  • They can identify their interests and abilities. 
  • They have a plan for high school and beyond. They can set and achieve goals.
  • Their parents are involved in the process. 
  • They take a greater number of high-level math/science classes, and perform better in every area of the ACT exam. 
  • CTE students who receive effective guidance and advisement services are much more likely to complete a rigorous curriculum of English, science, and math and have higher test scores than those students who have not received such guidance.

Congratulations to J.T. Collett for winning this week’s “Where are we Wednesday?” challenge sponsored by Wiggy Wash. The photos were from Spanish Fork High's celebration of their Super Hero Counselors. A big thank you goes to all our Nebo School District counselors and all they do for students.