Lana Hiskey

Josie Reynaud, Career and Technical Education (CTE) teacher at Salem Hills High, was honored as CTE Teacher of the Year by the Utah Association Career and Technical Education (UACTE).

At Salem Hills High School, Josie saw a need for Computer Science classes and went back to school to earn an endorsement that would allow her to offer those classes. She makes a point of identifying students who could benefit from her courses, and recruits them to be a part of her program. After she teaches them all she can, she encourages them to continue their education at the Advanced Learning Center to further their skills.

For the past four years, Josie taught courses in Spreadsheets and Database for the Information Systems and Technology department at UVU. Josie is also working with the Education department at UVU to offer an Exploring Computer Science Methods course. This course started in January 2017.

Josie has done a lot of work promoting the use of technology in education within Nebo School District. She spent a year at the district office where she served as a CTE Specialist. As a specialist, she traveled to the different schools in the district and coached teachers in using the learning management system CANVAS. After her year at the district office, her principal asked her to return to Salem Hills High School full-time to better coach the teachers at the high school in the use of technology within their own classrooms. 

Josie is very dedicated to her students. She is often one of the last teachers to leave the school each evening. She has started an FBLA chapter at every high school for which she has taught. She has served on the Utah State FBLA Board for the past 3 years and is currently the Board Chair.