Lana Hiskey

Nebo School District held the Captain's Academy on leadership and sportsmanship. Captains’ Academy is held three times each year and includes  captains from junior high and high school. Winter Captain Academy includes  boys’ basketball, girls’ basketball, wrestling, boys’ swimming, girls’ swimming, drill team, debate, and band.

Nebo School District’s School Services Coordinator, Troy Bohling, said, “The Captain's Academy is one of the most powerful venues we have for students in leadership positions. In the Academy, students are provided the opportunity to meet with their peers, who are also leaders in the same activities, discuss and plan regarding how to lift others via sportsmanship and leadership principles, and collaborate with one another to address shared challenges. The feedback we get from the captain's is that they are learning valuable lessons that will help them to lead not only now, but in their lives after graduation.”

Mr. Bohling started the academy by welcoming student leaders from 12 schools across Nebo School District.

Darren Averett, a physical therapist, addressed several athletic and health-related issues with sports-specfic training and retraining athlete bodies to compete at a higher level. 

Everett Kelepolo, SHS principal and former Nebo Athletic Director, presented on the arena of competitive athletics, focusing on being kind and looking for the good in the opponents. This type of thinking specifically helps athletes compete without losing focus on what really matters – relationships!

All of the Student Captains sit at individual tables with their peers from other junior high and high schools. They listen to each presentation, and then work collaboratively to present back to the entire group their position and ideas.

Brian Argyle, PHS athletic director, led a discussion with all the captains regarding Dr. Kelepolo’s topic of sportsmanship on being kind and how the captains can impact other students on their teams. Captains had time to respond and share their ideas with the entire group.

Crystal Nye, a Hall of Fame athlete at Weber State University, spoke on leadership with a specific focus on the need for captain to lead in the way this is most effective for their individual talents. Some captains may lead vocally, others by action. Both styles add value to athletic teams and activity groups.

Lee Gillie, SHHS athletic director, facilitated the Captain’s Council regarding the leadership principles shared by Mrs. Nye, enabling the captains at each table to collaborate and recognize the importance of setting goals using their own leadership style.

Nebo School District gives a big thank you to Laura Salazar, Communications Director at Intermountain Healthcare, for the delicious lunch provided for the captains and leaders.

Congratulations to Mike Adams for answering this week's "Where are we Wednesday?" challenge.