Please remember that Early Out Day or Collaboration Day is on Monday this year, not Wednesday.

Nebo’s district-wide collaboration day changed to Monday instead of Wednesday beginning this school year. All students will continue to be dismissed 45 minutes early from school on Mondays. Nebo District implemented a highly successful, district-wide collaboration time in 2008. Collaboration time is specifically for teachers to focus on improved student learning and quality instruction.

The district-wide collaboration provides time for teachers to meet with other colleagues in the same department or grade level to discuss assessments, core curriculum standards, student learning, needs for re-teaching, and enriching the curriculum. It continues to be in the best interest of students, families, and teachers to have a consistent collaboration time throughout the district.

Superintendent Rick Nielsen said, “We know that giving teachers time to collaborate together about quality instructional practices, with a focus on individual students, is one of the most important factors affecting high student achievement. Our collaboration time throughout the district helps us in our goal to meet the academic needs of every child in every school.”

Nebo District appreciates the community support and the opportunity to work with the children in all our communities. 

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