Lana Hiskey

Instead of using boom whackers, rhythm sticks and bells to integrate music curriculum in her third-grade class, Pam Roberts chose to use violins. Roberts is in her second year of teaching violin to her third graders at Foothills Elementary. For the performance for family and friends, the students memorized nine songs and each had a speaking part in the program. 

Mrs. Roberts said, “Playing the violin has brought tremendous joy to my life since I was in third grade myself, and I wanted to share that joy with my class. We have had so much fun. It's amazing what can be accomplished in a few minutes a day. Teaching what we are passionate about is what teachers in Nebo School District do.”

Nebo School District’s fine arts specialist, Julie Christofferson said, “Not only are the students learning to play beautiful music, they are learning listening and communication skills, teamwork, and self discipline. They also have come to share Ms. Roberts' enthusiasm and love of music!”

Principal Keri Huntsman said, “Pam is an accomplished violinist herself and felt strongly about the benefits and skills her students could learn by learning to play the violin. She wrote and acquired a grant to purchase a violin for every student in her class. She also started an after school Falcon Fiddlers Club last year for those who want to continue until sixth grade when they can do orchestra. I've been so impressed with the skills her third-grade students acquire in one year. Their performance at the end of the year is fabulous!”

Mrs. Roberts applied for a grant through the Nebo Education Foundation to match other funds to realize her dream of all her students learning to play the violin.