Lana Hiskey

Nebo’s sixth-grade orchestra students from throughout Nebo School District assembled together at Salem Hills High School and Springville High School to perform what they had been learning all year at a Monster Concert.  The Monster Concert program started nine years ago with only four schools participating from the Springville area.  Now, nearly all the elementary schools in the district that offer elementary beginning strings for sixth-grade students participated

This year Monster Concerts was so large that it was split into two performances!  Students give up their personal time to belong to optional programs before school. There were 300 students, 10 instructors, and 7 junior high orchestra teachers involved along with hundreds of family members in attendance to this long-awaited event. 

Some highlights included an Aerosmith number featuring electric violin and electric cello, an impromptu electric cello "petting zoo" during the break, and a "picture encore" for parents to come on stage and take pictures of their students.