LaRaye Gabbitas, crossing guard at Santaquin Elementary, spreads sunshine to all the elementary children who use the crosswalk, as well as those driving by the school with her monthly greeting signs. One cannot miss her “WELCOME BACK TO SCHOOL” sign with balloons at the beginning of the year, her Happy Halloween sign, or the “HAVE A GREAT SUMMER” sign with a border of flowers. (She lugs eight quarts of water every day in the spring to water the tulips planted on the corner.)

LaRaye began working as a crossing guard in the Fall of 2013. She greets the children early in the morning and helps them cross the busy highway on their way to Santaquin Elementary. She stays well after the morning bell rings and returns just hours later to help the morning kindergarten students head safely home and greet the afternoon kindergarten students on their way to school. LaRaye returns once again at the end of the day to stop traffic so the children can return home safely. As the students use the crosswalk, many stop to give her a hug and tell her thank you. 

LaRaye always says, “I will see you tomorrow.”

The community appreciates the joy and safety LaRaye provides the students and adults in Santaquin.

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