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Grants given by the Nebo Education Foundation - December 2009

Submitted by ts on Fri, 12/18/2009 - 12:04pm
Lana H. Hiskey - Public Information Officer - Nebo School District
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Park Elementary

Susan Frischknecht, foundation treasurer; Rob Keddington, principal; Wyatt Johnson, third-grade student; Lana Hiskey, foundation director

Rob Keddington, principal of Park Elementary, was awarded a grant from the Nebo Education Foundation for math literacy.

Mr. Keddington said, “The grant money will be used to purchase a math literature kit from Tales for Teaching. This is an assortment of 300 trade books including storybooks, informational, poetry, activities, biographies, legends, experiments and folk tales. These books will be used to introduce and/or reinforce math concepts and will be used in every classroom in every grade. These books will add interest and enjoyment to learning, help students recognize math in real world settings, help them to learn math terms, and help integrate math into other areas of the curriculum. We appreciate the Nebo Education Foundation for helping us provide this valuable tool for our students and teachers.”


Lorene Moore, foundation secretary; Denise Ray, instructional coach; Natalie Clyde, foundation past president; Lynda Hales, foundation president

Mrs. Denise Ray, instructional coach at Goshen, was awarded a grant from the Nebo Education Foundation for books.

Mrs. Ray said “A Great Big Thank You to the Nebo Foundation for the grant that we received today!! I am grateful for the matching funds to be able to purchase the leveled books for our Guided Reading Library. Some of the book titles were chosen by the students. I know they will be excited to have the books in their reading groups. The variety of leveled books assist in children's development of reading strategies and fluency. We will also be ordering books to help teach persuasive writing across grade levels.”

Mapleton Junior

Susan Frischknecht, foundation secretary; Brian Frankowski, science teacher; Gayle Gammell, foundation board

Mr. Brian Frankowski, science teacher at Mapleton Junior, was awarded a grant from the Nebo Education Foundation for triple beam balances.

Mr. Brian Frankowski said, “The science department at Mapleton Jr. High would like to thank the Nebo foundation for its generous matching fund grant to purchase the high quality triple beam measuring scales. These measuring instruments will allow each student at our school the opportunity to work with the same precise measuring instruments that scientists use, and are featured on our end of year science assessments. These durable tools will serve the needs of thousands of students now and for many years to come.”

Larsen Elementary

Jill Hanks, first-grade teacher at Larsen Elementary; Susan Frischknecht, foundation treasurer

Ms. Jill Hanks, first-grade teacher at Larsen Elementary, was awarded a grant from the Nebo Education Foundation for magnetic letters.

Jill Hanks said, “We want to thank the Nebo Foundation for approving our grant for magnetic letters and storage cases. Larsen's Kindergarten, first-grade and second-grade readers will benefit greatly from using these manipulatives in guided reading and literacy centers. The students love to use magnetic letters and the storage cases will make the letters more accessible and organized to optimize their learning. Thank You!”

Park View Elementary

Lynda Hales, foundation president; Brenda Quijano, recovery teacher at Park View; Lana Hiskey, foundation director

Ms. Brenda Quijano, recovery teacher at Park View Elementary, was awarded a grant from the Nebo Education Foundation for leveled books.

Brenda Quijano said, “We at Park View Elementary want to send a big thank you to the Nebo Foundation for the grant money which will provide our readers with much needed leveled reading books. Our students and teachers will truly benefit from this contribution!”

Art City Elementary

Principal Dave Rowe; Reese Brunson, foundation board member; Sandy Sutton, second-grade teacher Art City Elementary; Natalie Clyde, past foundation president

The second-grade team at Art City Elementary, was awarded a grant from the Nebo Education Foundation for document cameras and projectors.

Principal Dave Rowe said, “With the help of the Nebo Foundation, second-grade teachers at Art City Elementary are taking their instruction to new heights by bringing technology into their classroom to meet the needs of their digitally-minded students. The Nebo Foundation generously granted enough money for two projectors and two document cameras to complete a goal for each second-grade classroom to have a ceiling mounted projector connected to a computer and document camera.”

An excited Sandy Sutton, co-grant writer and second-grade teacher says, "This technology is their world. I can't wait for my students to show each other their writing or to model their math thinking. I am looking forward to teaching concepts with a PowerPoint presentation or to connect my students to the outside world without leaving my classroom! It is all built in and ready to go."

“The school has already installed this same technology in all of its fifth- and sixth-grade classes. We are enjoying a new level of instruction that is more engaging to students. Mrs. Roylance, Ms. Sutton, Mrs. Kunzler, and Ms. Winkel express their sincere thanks to the Nebo Foundation for helping them reach their goal to better reach their students,” stated Principal Dave Rowe.

Spanish Fork Junior

Photo 1: Lana Hiskey, foundation director; Mary Lou Flinders, resource teacher; Chris Smiley, foundation board

Photo 2: Natalie Clyde, foundation past president; Maureen Betts, English teacher; Chris Smiley, foundation board

Mrs. Mary Lou Flinders, resource teacher at Spanish Fork Junior, was awarded a grant from the Nebo Education Foundation for CD players and headphones. Mrs. Maureen Betts, English teacher at Spanish Fork Junior, was awarded a grant for novels.

Mrs. Flinders said, “I am very honored and grateful to accept this grant from the Nebo Education Foundation. As I work with students and see their struggles with reading, I am constantly looking for ways to help them be successful in their classrooms. When I moved into my room, I inherited a file cabinet full of audio books for students. These books have been useless in my classroom because I do not have players or headphones to be able to use them. With this money, I can now purchase the items necessary to put these audio books to use. Students will be able to enjoy a great story without struggling to read the words. As they follow along, they will improve their own reading ability. I also have access to curriculum text books on CD. This will allow them to be able to read the chapter and better understand what it says. This becomes a win-win situation for both students and teachers. Thank you for your vision of success for all.”

Barnett Elementary

Photo 1: Mrs. White’s fourth-grade class; fourth-grade teacher, Hayley Kirkland; Principal Ryan Pitcher; fourth-grade teachers: Wendy Grill, Katherine Hanson, and Lynette White; and Lana Hiskey, Foundation Director

Photo 2: Lana Hiskey, foundation director; sixth-grade teachers: Gwen Spencer, Tori Lewis, Lisa Leach; and Principal Ryan Pitcher

Teachers at Barnett Elementary were thrilled to receive two matching grants from the Nebo Foundation on Tuesday, December 15. Fourth-grade teacher, Lynette White; Sixth-grade teacher, Tori Lewis; third-grade teacher, Alli Snow; and first-grade teacher, Sarah Ledingham; will each receive a document camera and a mounted projector system in their classroom.

Lynette White said, “We are so excited to receive this grant for a projector and document reader for our classrooms. Presently, we are sharing a cart with a projector and old laptop computer of our principal's between approximately 30 teachers. With the awarding of this grant, we will be able to enrich and enhance our instruction and help meet the diverse needs of our students. It will also free up projectors for other teachers so the entire school will benefit from this grant. I remember the old ditto masters and marvel at how we have progressed since then. The projector and document reader not only simplify our lives but will also provide an opportunity to bring the world right into the classroom. Our heartfelt thanks goes to the Nebo Foundation for their generosity in helping us to educate the children of our area. It makes me feel good to know that there are people who really care about our students and make a difference in their lives.”

“The document cameras and projectors will directly impact the 71 students in these three classrooms and will also be used by the 313 students within the sixth, third, and first grades during grade level rotations. These classes will now be able to explore the solar system, examine microorganisms, discover ancient Egyptian mummies, work with interactive maps, learn about how communities are organized, turn any book into a big book, and have students demonstrate their findings and thinking for the entire class. We are also grateful to Principal Ryan Pitcher for matching the grant for the audio enhancement for all three classrooms,” stated Tori Lewis.

Goshen Elementary

Lorene Moore, foundation secretary; Lana Hiskey, foundation director; Heidi Sessions, PE technician; Pam Lynn, staff developer; Lynda Hales, foundation president

Pam Lynn, staff developer at Goshen Elementary, was awarded a grant from the Nebo Education Foundation for physical education equipment.

Pam said, “The physical education (PE) technicians at Goshen Elementary bought balls and a ball cart with their grant money from the Nebo Education Foundation. Now, the PE technicians are able to give each student their own ball to practice motor skills that they are learning and they can organize over forty balls during PE.

"You couldn't ask for more, the cart is fabulous to haul the balls around in," stated Dusti Thompson.

Heidi Sessions said, "We are so excited to have balls for all of the students instead of just half of them. The students are very excited to have enough equipment to all be actively engaged in an activity at the same time. Thank you Nebo Education Foundation!!!”

Foothills Elementary

Ms. Amy Maughan’s first-grade students; Amy Maughan, first-grade teacher; Lana Hiskey, Nebo Education Foundation director

Amy Maughan, first-grade teacher at Foothills Elementary, was awarded a grant from the Nebo Education Foundation for a reading rug.

Amy stated, “I am very grateful to have grant money to go towards purchasing a reading rug for my classroom of 24 first graders. My principal, Ed Schollenberger, has been very supportive in helping me apply for the grant from the Nebo Education Foundation. I look forward to using the reading rug for classroom management, math lessons such as patterns and graphing, reading lessons, and many more activities and lessons in my classroom at Foothills Elementary. Once again, I appreciate the support and generosity of the Nebo Education Foundation and all involved.”

Hobble Creek

The second-grade team at Hobble Creek Elementary received a grant through the Nebo Education Foundation for their Salem Wetlands field trip. This was funded by Sapa Corporation.

The grant will be used to fund an educational field trip that includes visiting and performing science related activities at the Salem Outdoors Wetlands Classroom—located adjacent to Salem Pond in Salem City. The Salem Outdoor Wetlands Classroom incorporates each of the six wetland plant communities that thrive in different soils, ranging from moist soil to open water. An asphalt walkway circles the wetland with two observation deck on the east and north sides. The walkway crosses a berm which controls the levels of water within the wetlands. Five interpretive signs along the walk way narrate the different types, functions, plant and animal life, and characters of wetlands. These signs also include interpretive drawings by Salem Elementary Students as well as descriptive drawings by Nebo School District’s top high school art students.