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Nebo District's New Certified Nursing assistants

Submitted by ts on Wed, 12/09/2009 - 1:45pm
Lana H. Hiskey - Public Information Officer - Nebo School District

Nine Special Education Technicians participated in a Federal and State
program to obtain Certified Nursing Assistant certification in the State of

The Technicians completed more than 80 hours of instruction that is
compliant with Federal and State rules under the direction of Special
Education Nurse Bonnie Hardy RN. They demonstrated proficiency in the
following areas: CPR and First Aid, illness assessment, infection prevention
and control, communication skills, confidentiality and ethics, body
mechanics, safety, nutrition, feeding and caring for handicapped
individuals. The classroom teachers will be better equipped to meet the
health care needs of students in Nebo School District with the training
these technicians will use in the classroom.

Upon fulfilling the requirements of the course the CNA Technicians
successfully completed a comprehensive written exam and a manual skills exam
administered under the direction of the Utah Nursing Assistant Registry.
They work under the direction of the classroom teachers and the school
nurses to meet the health care needs of Nebo School District students.