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Superintendent Nielsen Continues to “Focus on Students”

Submitted by lana.hiskey on Fri, 02/19/2016 - 3:05pm

Nebo high school student leaders look forward to meeting with Superintendent Rick Nielsen every couple of months to address their concerns and expound on their successes. When asked about the meeting, Superintendent Rick Nielsen said, “Focusing on students is what we are all about.” 

This is the fourth meeting that Superintendent Nielsen has reached out to high school student leaders. Representatives from each high school took the opportunity to not only meet with the Superintendent but also the 'soon to be' Secondary Director, Ann Anderson, and College, Career and Technology Director, John DeGraffenried, on topics such as: sportsmanship, technology, leadership training and getting together district wide. 

“I was so impressed with these student leaders and their knowledge and desire to build upon what is already going on in the district. They are very bright and insightful young adults,” said Mrs. Anderson.

John DeGraffenried, said, “It is fascinating to see how prepared the students are with their lists of suggestions. They are articulate and have great ideas with an unique perspective. I enjoy meeting with the student leaders.”

Superintendent Nielsen stated, “It is personally gratifying to visit with students from every high school. We listen to their concerns and successes. I will continue this gathering because it is important to focus on what is best for students.”

Superintendent Nielsen kept the meeting to one hour so the students could get back to their schools and activities.