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Veterans True Heroes - Answer to Wednesday's Challenge

Submitted by lana.hiskey on Wed, 11/18/2015 - 10:55am

The Veteran’s assembly at Spanish Fork Junior is a much anticipated event for both students and staff alike. Many people are involved weeks in advance to provide such a soul-stirring program.

Becky Provstgaard, organizer of the assembly, said that it takes many to put it all together. Seven years ago, Becky and her siblings attended an Atomic War Veterans’ reunion in Seattle, Washington with their father, Jim Box.  Becky said, “It was so touching to me to see the love and respect these veteran men had for this great Nation.”

The band students learned the National Anthem weeks before in preparation for the Veterans assembly, and Mr. David Huff graciously stepped in at the last minute to be their band leader. The art teacher, Mr. Millman and his students displayed beautiful art work and the clear tape WWII sculpture of the raising of the flag from WWII on stage. 

The National Guard conducted the beautiful flag ceremony. The guest speakers included Mark Harrison and his son, Kyle, who both just returned home from deployment in Afghanistan. 

A touching moment in the assembly was the video shown by Ms. Provstgaard that showed some boys noticing a flag was not quite right at the McDonald’s in Payson. The boys stopped and had to use some ingenuity to fix the American flag and make it right.

Many were involved behind the scenes including Mr. Ferrin, Rillene Nielsen, Kris Holley and the history teachers. The windows of Spanish Fork Junior High School were covered in Veteran Stars celebrating all that they do for our country. 

The program definitely paid tribute to our true heroes! 

Congratulations to Emily Edman for winning this week’s “Where are we Wednesday?” challenge sponsored by Wiggy Wash.