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Nebo Elementary Students Learning Robotics

Submitted by lana.hiskey on Fri, 11/13/2015 - 4:59pm

Nebo School District elementary students are learning robotics!  This fall, 21 Nebo elementary schools are holding 24 after-school robotic classes before and after school each day of the week. Students in grades fourth through sixth learn the basics of robotics through a hands-on STEM experience. Students learn the engineering cycle of trial, experiment, test, and repeat to acquire computer programming skills. Students actually build mini robots using building models. Students attach sensors and motors that are plugged into a computer and configure its behavior using simple programming tools.  

The company, Learning Through Robotics out of Provo, has provided the laptops and robots and partnered with UVU's education department to provide prospective teachers.  UVU instructors hire, instruct, and train prospective teachers in robotics to run the Nebo schools’ robotics courses.  Each course lasts 10 weeks.  

This excellent partnership benefits all by providing enrichment for Nebo students and classroom experience for prospective teachers.  Both students and instructors have a valuable and enjoyable experience.  Over 700 students throughout Nebo School District are participating this fall with another group ready to participate this winter.  Nebo intends to expand this STEM experience to more intermediate and advanced levels in subsequent years.