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Rees Elementary students delight the Nebo School Board of Education - Answer to Wednesday's Challenge

Submitted by lana.hiskey on Wed, 10/14/2015 - 3:06pm
Lana Hiskey

Principal Ryan Pitcher started the presentation by boasted about the school’s secret weapon being the supportive parents at Rees Elementary. He then introduced the second-grade students that sang Ree’s school song that says:

“When I am at Rees I do my very best,

On class work, homework and the rest.

I honor others’ right to learn,

I raise my hand and take my turn,

I treat others as I want to be,

I walk and talk most quietly.

I care for others’ things, like they belong to me,

I’m an Eagle brave, strong and free.

I know to act REES-pectfully at Rees Elementary.

I’m an eagle brave and strong and free,At Rees Elementary.”

Mr. Pitcher also shared the school’s Conceptual Mathematic Instruction (CMI). He  said, “The big idea behind CMI is that students understand WHY certain math concepts work rather than just trying to get students to memorize. It means going deeper with fewer problems than just lots of practice going through memorized steps. It is thinking critically and being able to analyze.”

Camille Hill, School Community Council member, then addressed the Board and explained out efficiently the School Trustland funds were being used. They help fund technology, reading, math, and the arts.

First-grade teacher Mrs. Searle and fifth-grade teacher Miss Ledingham both shared examples of CMI and showed students actively engaged in developing, practicing and solidifying concepts through video. 

Mrs. Searle said, “As we received more training on CMI, I learned that we have to get students to share their solution to the class. It has been fascinating to see how the students have developed and progressed.” 

Miss Ledingham said, “I love teaching CMI. One aspect that is the most crucial is student questioning. Our students explore the ‘why’ behind how math works. CMI has literally changed by life. ”

To see a glimpse of the presentations, go to Rees Elementary School Facebook page.

Congratulations to Mike Adams for answering "Where Are We Wednesday?" challenge.