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Classroom Grants Given in October by Nebo Education Foundation

Submitted by lana.hiskey on Wed, 10/14/2015 - 2:50pm
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Oakridge: Lana Hiskey, Tiffanie Miley, Stacy Nance, Kathleen Ellinger, Dale Phelps
Earl Davis, Catherine Lyon, Amy Huhtala, Robert Fleming, KL Tischner, Keela Goudy, Lana Hiskey
Mt. Nebo Junior: Kevin Johnson & Kelliann Wright
Spring Lake: Lana Hiskey, Earl Davis, Keela Goudy, Douglas Lai, KL Tischner, Frank Daybell
Springville High: Joshua Bingham, Tiffanie Miley, Stacy Nance, Olivia Ward, Dale Phelps, Kristen Morgan
Hobble Creek: Dale Phelps, Mike Johnson, Stacy Nance, Lana Hiskey
Payson High: KL Tischner, Justin Meyers, Brian Rowley, & Math Team
Orchard Hills: Ryan Murray, Earl Davis, Riley Winward, Stephanie Wood, Terry Oyler, KL Tischner, Keela Goudy
Goshen: KL Tischner, Earl Davis, Keela Goudy, Allie Brinkerhoff, Lynette DeGraffenried
Hobble Creek: Mike Johnson, Dale Phelps, Crystal Hayes, Stacy Nance
Salem Hills High: Keela Goudy, KL Tischner, Earl Davis, Doug Welton, Bart Peery
Barnett: Coy Willes, Lynette White,& Nicole Donohoe, Keela, KL Tischner, Earl Davis, and students

The Nebo Education Foundation functions through generous donations made by individuals and businesses. The Foundation helps enrich students’ education in Nebo School District. These grants are funded through the fund-raising efforts of the Nebo Education Foundation board. The foundation also accepts donations from individuals and businesses to support projects.

“That’s what the foundation is all about – to give our students the best educational opportunities possible through classroom grants,” said Lana Hiskey, executive director. 

Congratulations to the following teachers that continue to inspire the minds of students.

Oakridge – Kathleen Ellinger, Teacher
Ms Ellinger said, “We are so grateful to the Nebo Education Foundation for funding our grant for the full-body slings to be used with our ceiling lift system.  My students are all in wheelchairs and dependent on others for their needs.  The slings and lift system enable us to move our students more easily and safely around the classroom, from wheelchairs to standing frames to the floor where we work on physical therapy goals.  Thank you!”

Salem Junior – Amy Huhtala & Catherine Lyon, English Teachers
Amy Huhtala said, “I've often heard teachers complain about how there are not enough resources to do their job effectively, and I absolutely disagree! The Nebo Foundation was so generous to award my school the funds to purchase new book titles for eighth-grade reading. Current research shows that students’ willingness and excitement to read increases dramatically when they have a choice. The grant money allows me the chance to provide choice to my students. The grant money also allows for me to put a book in each student's hand instead of just having a classroom set. I appreciate being able to spend class time discussing and learning instead of taking class time to read the book aloud.”

“Thank you so much Nebo Education Foundation! The grant I received helped me to pay for books for my reading essentials class.  A lot of the students I teach don't like to read because it's been a challenge for them in the past.  I wanted to find quality literature that still engaged these struggling readers.  With the funds from the Nebo Education Foundation, I purchased copies of the Newberry-winning book ‘The Crossover’.  We are already halfway through it, and it is great to see my students engaging with good literature in meaningful ways.  They are really loving the book!" exclaimed Ms. Lyon.

Mt. Nebo Junior – Kelliann Wright, Math Teacher
“I received a Nebo Education Foundation grant in the amount of $453.25.  I will use it to purchase 80 scientific calculators for the math department here at Mt. Nebo Junior High.  When I came to this school last year, my classroom had only 18 well-worn calculators.  By the end of the year, that had gone down to 7, most of the them had been on their last leg already.  Being able to purchase 80 new calculators will allow all of my students access to a calculator every day, especially on tests.  

“It means a lot to be able to offer each of my students calculators and not have to borrow from other teachers.  When we take the SAGE test this year, I will have enough calculators for my students if they don't have one of their own. Thank you so much,” stated Kelliann Wright.

Spring Lake – Douglas Lai, Third-Grade Teacher
Mr. Lai said, “The grant will be used with matching funds from NEA and to get an iPad for the classroom. It means so much to my class because they can have the tools they need in their hands to be successful in life. The students can use it for reading, timetable facts, and explaining their thinking in math. They can bring a story to life using their voice. The iPads will be a huge asset as we try out Genius Hour and allow the students to learn something they want to.  It also means that I have the freedom to walk around the classroom and project things from the iPad allowing me to me to stay more connected to my students. We are so grateful for the donation that was given to us, and truly appreciate your generosity!”

Springville High – Olivia Ward, Special Education Teacher
Ms. Ward said, “I am so excited about the Kindles for my classroom. I believe they will increase student engagement because the students in my class love technology! I will be using them for reading as well as downloading apps that will help students master their individual goals in other areas. I think the Kindles will work great for academics and even better as positive behavior reinforcement.”

Hobble Creek – Mike Johnson Principal
“We were thrilled to receive a grant for a $1,000 from the Nebo Education Foundation to replenish our take-home library.  These books are used by multiple grades on a daily basis for literacy home practice.  The students are so happy to receive new titles and new books to take home each day.  We cannot thank the Nebo Education Foundation enough for their generous support of our school and our students,” replied Principal Johnson.

Payson High – Justin Meyer, Math Teacher
Mr. Meyer said, “The purpose of this grant is to provide a classroom set of calculators to seven regular education math teachers and two special education math teachers.  Classroom sets of calculators will allow students to work through basic questions (known as DOK Level 1 and 2) more efficiently, allowing more class time to be spent discussing deeper questions (DOK Level 3 and 4). In the past, we have attempted to use cell phones to fit this need, however, the extra distractions that accompany cell phones has severely hampered educational pursuits in the classroom.  With a classroom set of calculators, cell phones could then become an educational tool that the teacher can use occasionally as opposed to every day.  As an added benefit, a recent study by the London School of Economics found that schools that restrict cell phone usage see a positive impact in test scores (6% of a standard deviation).  This impact is even more prevalent among low-achieving students (14% of a standard deviation), which is the target audience of this grant.  While the overarching purpose of a classroom set of calculators is to allow teachers the ability to spend more time on deeper questions, the restriction of cell phones in the classroom is an educational benefit.”

Orchard Hills – Stephanie Wood, Terry Oyler, & Riley Winward
“We want to thank Nebo Foundation for their generous donation for Orchard Hill's sixth-grade Salem Pond Wetlands field trip.  The purpose of this field trip is to help the students learn more about microorganisms.  We appreciate the partnership with Nebo Foundation and that they made this possible for our students,” replied Stephanie Wood.

Goshen – Allie Brinkerhoff, Kindergarten Teacher
Allie Brinkerhoff said, “Thank you for the grant! I am so excited to get books for my classroom. These early emergent books will be read by my current and future students. I know they will make a big impact in our classroom. Having these books available will provide my students with opportunities to read on their level.”

Hobble Creek – Crystal Hayes, Third-Grade Teacher
“Thank you so much! My students and I are so excited to get some reading books that fit them as emerging readers. I am excited to be able to get books that will fit my students as the dynamics of my classroom are changing more and more every year,” stated Crystal Hayes.  

Salem Hills High – Doug Welton, Japanese Teacher

Barnett – Lynette White, Coy Willes, & Nicole Donohoe