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PEAK Awards for May 2015

Submitted by lana.hiskey on Thu, 05/21/2015 - 9:11am

Nebo School District wants to showcase our Positive Energy and Kind employees. PEAK Awards are nominated by patrons and recognized by the Superintendent Staff and Nebo School Board of Education. The award is administered by the Communications and Community Relations Department. 

This initiative is designed to focus on "raising the bar" on providing exceptional customer service, both internally and externally. A key component of this initiative is the development of the PEAK Award. The PEAK (Positive Energy and Kindness) Award is presented monthly to someone in the Nebo School District who "really gets it" when it comes to providing exceptional customer service, which in turn results in positive impacts on everyone including students, parents, co-workers and members of the community.

Who Gets Nominated?
Faculty and staff members are nominated by anyone in the community through the Nebo School District website, wherein a special Customer Service link is provided. The directions as to how to nominate an employee for the PEAK Awards are clearly spelled out on the site. All nominations must include information on how the individual has provided exceptional customer service, as well as how the employee's actions impacted the nominator's overall perception of Nebo School District Schools. The name and contact information of the nominator must be included.

May 2015 PEAK Award Winners:

Peggy Van Ausdal, Teacher, Salem Elementary
Nominated by: Suzy Carlisle
“I was nervous for a couple years to send my Type I diabetic daughter to public school and especially nervous about who her teacher would be. The teacher would need to be kind, patient, and smart. From day one, Peggy exhibited all of these traits. She met with me on two different occasions before school started. She has kept in contact on a regular basis through phone calls and texts. My daughter is safe under her care. Peggy is an exceptional person and teacher. She takes on the daily task of monitoring my daughter's medical condition and helping her and the rest of the class flourish in a learning and loving environment. My daughter is excited to go to school each day and I love sending her.”

Gregg Crockett, Teacher, Spanish Oaks Elementary
Nominated by: DeAnn Carter, Stacey Johnson, & Kali Brown
“Computer-man, as Mr. Gregg Crockett has become known, is a mild-mannered sixth-grade teacher. There is not a single day that goes by that Gregg Crockett isn't called upon to assist in some way. Whether it is logging in students for SAGE testing, uploading programs for Chromebooks, setting up microphones for a class program, retrieving pictures from a surged iPad, or even just helping the principal get into her ‘lost’ documents, Mr. Crockett ALWAYS comes running! We are so very grateful for the selfless, service filled with positive energy, and kindness that Gregg provides to our students, faculty and staff every day!”

Bridgette Sahlin, Teacher, Brookside Elementary
Nominated by: Darla Stapel
“Bridgette is a dedicated teacher who is always willing to help others. She plans wonderful, hands-on lessons for her second-grade students. Bridgette is amazing at using technology to help others and to making a huge difference in the lives of her students.  She has written numerous grants and really knows how to use Chromebooks and iPads in the classroom. Talk about Rigor and DOK, Bridgette is rigorous, and her knowledge is deep.  She definitely knows how to challenge her students in ways that they learn and have fun at the same time.”

Cameo Johnson, Secretary, Rees Elementary
Nominated by: Ryan Pitcher
“Cameo is a positive beacon of help and support for all who come through our doors. Several parents have commented that Cameo is always happy to help in any way needed. She takes over as our nurse, finance administrator, counselor, and confidant when the need arises. Not only is she a blessing when working with parents, but her interactions and positive attitude towards our students are phenomenal. She definitely cares for the students here, and they know it. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Cameo for many years. The constant service she gives to so many people is awesome. Cameo’s talents and personality positively impact the perception of Nebo School District.” 

Reese Brunson, Technology Coordinator
Nominated by: Frank Daybell
“Our new kindergarten teacher had six Chromebooks that she bought while at another school district. She couldn't get them to connect with our internet. Reese picked them up and work on them. He brought them back and still couldn't get them to work. Reese worried that the teacher needed them for her class, so he brought her loaner computers so her kindergarten class would not go without. I was amazed and grateful for the service and concern that Reese showed to my teacher and students. We use these computers each day thanks to the help we received!  Reese cares about having technology that works in classrooms even if it means he has to fix it or provide loaners.”

Celesta Nielson, PE Technician, Santaquin Elementary
Nominated by: Chad Argyle
“Celesta Nielson is always energetic and positive. She is our ‘energizer bunny’! She is such an outstanding person. If she works for the district, it must be an amazing place.” 

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