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Students Present to Nebo School Board of Education - Answer to Wednesday's Challenge

Submitted by lana.hiskey on Wed, 05/20/2015 - 5:08pm

Students Present to Nebo School Board of Education

Spanish Fork High - Advisor Zac Taylor
Spanish Fork High student, Josh Coombs, is a first place winner that will represent his school, Nebo School District, and the State of Utah.  He will attend a  National contest held in Louisville Kentucky for Automotive Refinishing. Josh is a student that has learned skills in refinishing, surface preparation, welding, blending, tinting, and detailing.  He has developed a skill and talent that will be helpful throughout his life. 

Josh was awarded a $10,000 dollar scholarship from Universal Technical College. (UTI) He also has worked to earn university credit during high school through the concurrent enrollment program through Utah Valley State College.  Josh earned 18 credits that will help him along his post secondary training. UVU has also shown interest in Josh with awarding a full tuition scholarship.

Mr. Taylor, advisor, said, “I am excited for Josh to be able to go back and compete nationally.  This experience will open the doors of opportunity in many different aspects of his life.  This will give Josh confidence to accomplish his dreams and goals. He will do well at nationals. I am grateful for the opportunity to teach students like Josh Coombs. Great Job Josh!”

Maple Mountain High - Advisor Jared Massic
MMHS take First Place in Welding Fabrication for the past three years. They also participated in a National CTSO called SkillsUSA (formerly VICA).  The team of three students  have four hours to build a project they they have never seen or built before.  The team uses several welding processes to build to a specification from a blue print that are judged. The team takes a written exam that is tallied to their final score. The national contest is a little different where students design and build a project to a given theme.  They must use a specific list of materials and meet certain demands on the project.  The team has 6.5 hours to do this and are judged against the prints provided and even more welding processes.

Chandler Schramm, Michael Swanson, and McKay Hales are the members of the State Championship Welding Fabrication Team. 

Josh Jensen, MMHS, is also a winner in the First Aid competition. He had to perform first aid and CPR for adults, children, and infants in various situations.

Springville High - Advisor Monica Giffing 
Ms Giffing introduced her many students that mentored others throughout the year: Trevor Distefano mentored Wesley Brailsford.Tim Killpack mentored McKaylan Seaton.Cally Bradshaw mentored Chase Sundet.Sage Rasmussen and Leslie Lifferth mentored Christopher Chappell.Brooke Larsen mentored Bailey Wall.Jordan Pruitt mentored Sarah Radford.

Spanish Fork High-Advisor Shaun Black
The welding accomplishments for this year’s activities have surpassed any as far as competitions go in the history of the welding program.  For the second straight year in a row the Welding Fabrication Team took second place.  Karson Jones, Austin Sutch, and Dalton Sorensen all received awards and prizes from local and national vendors and were awarded a $5,000 scholarship to Universal Technical College (UTI). 

Keltin Hair represented SFHS well with a third overall ranking in the state at the Skills USA Competition, the second best for Nebo in the history of the competition.  Keltin went head to head with 38 other competitors where each school can only send one representative.   He also received prizes for his accomplishment in the contest and represented SFHS well.

Austin Sutch was able to beat 54 other welding competitors at the Bridgerland Applied Technology Center (BATC).  This was the first time Nebo had entertained the invite to compete at this event.  Austin drove home with a brand new Lincoln Electric welder. At this event Nebo had 4 students place in the top 10. 

Along with other welding accomplishments, the Nebo Welding Advisor team was able to successfully implement a welding and a fabrication competition district wide, where each individual school was represented.  The fabricated trikes that were part of the 1st Annual Trikefest will be paraded in the Spanish Fork and Salem parades this summer. “As we continue to improve our programs district wide within the welding curriculum, the competition becomes better.” Mr. Black, advisor, explains. ”I have no doubt that each competitor within this group of contestants and many others graduating from my program will be a productive part of society, and to me that is what matters most-to create opportunities for these students beyond my classroom.”

Congratulations to all these students and advisors doing amazing things.

Amy Darrington won this week’s “Where Are We Wednesday?” contest sponsored by Wiggy Wash.

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