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Nebo District's Art Teacher Presents at National Art Conferences

Submitted by lana.hiskey on Thu, 04/30/2015 - 3:03pm

Mr. Jethro Gillespie, art teacher at Maple Mountain High School, recently returned from a “National Art Education Association” conference in New Orleans, where he presented.  One of the sessions he co-presented with four other art educators from all over the U.S., was regarding their involvement with Art21 Educators.  This was a “super session” held in the great hall of the convention center (the room was as big as a football field), and 200-300 people attended this session.  Mr. Gillespie talked about some of the studio projects our students had been involved with and showed photos of our students’ work, in conjunction with Art21 materials, and explained the way our students have been able to push their comfort zones, with the way they conceptualize, talk about, make, and reflect on their artworks.  Our students are really doing some great things and Mr. Gillespie had educators from around the country asking him specific questions about the methods and approaches used at our school in order to get students to think about and create art that is very advanced and exciting!  Mr. Gillespie expresses how grateful he is to be part of such a supportive school and district that is willing to send him to these conferences to show-off the awesome things our students are doing!

Mr. Jethro Gillespie was invited to this world renown conference in New York City. Please see attached article for more information: